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Job Opportunities for Students at San Jose State University

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Kelly Solak
14 Dec 2018
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Balancing classes, a social life, and finances can be really hard in college. Paying for school and finding time in the day to work and earn money is a real challenge. However, here are several opportunities for employment and extra cash at San Jose State University. Students have so many chances to get money they don’t even think of. Let’s get started!

1. Work Study Programs 

These applied programs are both on and off campus for students.San Jose State University offers a number of applications for Service Work-Study jobs that students can get at approved nonprofit/community service agencies. Service Work-Study helps give local organizations with the frequent volunteer help they need at little or no cost. These programs are great for experience and resumes too!

Houses built in service at the service work study program.

2. Recreation Center Worker

Students who work at the recreation center allow guests for entrance and clean up machines and equipment. They also help with events around the gym like tournament setups and answer any questions students have on court times and more. Anyone who is interested in health and fitness finds this job great because the rec center is a great place to be and the environment makes work a lot more exciting!

Image of ways to get healthy.

3. Martin Luther King Library Help Desk

This is a desk job at library on the SJSU campus is for students who prefer a quiet setting, with the opportunity to bring homework when things are slow on their shift. One who holds this job will aid students around the library and direct them towards librarians. They also check availability for books, tutoring, and study rooms when students ask as well.

Image of library on campus.

4. Cafeteria on Campus Jobs 

A student who works for campus dining has countless numbers of different tasks they can do throughout a shift which makes the time go by quickly! Students who work in campus dining do everything from cooking, to prepping, to cleaning and washing tables. There is a job for everyone who decides to apply for the job with campus dining!

How most college students eat.

5. Peanuts Deluxe Cafe

This restaurant is right off campus and really convenient for students to work at. Students serve food or work as hostesses for this job. They also get a discount on any meals if they work there which is a plus! This place is a super hometown, American style eatery that is a great place to both work and hangout at. It is in the main center of Downtown San Jose, so it's always very busy making work go by quickly!

Students graduating after working all four years of college.

6. Counseling Office Receptionist 

Students who apply for this job will work in the University Counseling office and answer emails, phones, and questions. They also schedule meetings with future and current students with doctors in the counseling center. This is a very relaxed desk job, and if slow, students tend to bring and do their homework if all their work is done. 

Image of office waiting room.

7. Online Job Opportunities 

Students have the chance to take notes and class and get paid to do so when working online with OneClass Notetakers! This is beneficial to not only student wallets but also their grades! Working right from your laptop is super convenient and easy, especially when you are benefiting youself and others! Anyone can become Notetaker, today!

OneClass logo image.

All in all, finding a job while in college is a lot easier than students think because of the many opportunities both on and off campus, and online of course too! Finding a balance at first can be intimidating, but once students get the hang on working and school, it will become easy. Anyone can work and do school, both to the best of their ability, if they put their mind to it! 


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