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SJSU offers many courses. However not many are as interesting and fun as these ones. Here are 11 of the Coolest Classes at SJSU!

1. ART 047 – Intro to Metalsmithing

“Shop” is something that high school boys take to avoid classes like home economics and choir, but this class is for everyone. It’s a hands-on introduction to small-scale metalwork that’s a prerequisite for other metalsmithing classes such as jewellry making. If you’re an art major, this class could even count toward your major!

2. AVIA 002 – Intro to Aviation

San Jose State is the only CSU campus with an aviation department, thanks to the proximity of the campus to three major airports and many municipal airports. Many of SJSU’s aviation students go on to join the United States Air Force or fly for commercial airlines.

3. DANC 102 – Dance In World Cultures

This course looks at the roles and styles of dance in both ancient and contemporary societies, but requires no dancing from you. So, basically, this is a class that will thoroughly entertain you if you enjoy dance, theater, music, history, or global studies- and who doesn’t?

4. ENVS 118 – Sustainable Home Gardens

Yes, this is an actual course at SJSU. Students in this class look at the native flora of California and its biomes (which includes nature-filled field trips) before learning about how to landscape your own healthy, sustainable garden.

5. DSGD 099 – Introduction to Typography

Bloggers, rejoice! This class looks at both hand-designed and digital typography- the carefully created art of fancy letters. You can experiment with and create your own fonts, use graphic design software such as Photoshop, and learn what makes effective lettering on advertisements and websites.

6. HSPM 148 – Wine Appreciation (and 149: Beer Appreciation)

Yes, you read that right. A class where you learn about and sample and compare alcohol. Students learn about the significance of wine in society, how it’s made, the differences in wine grapes, and the differences in taste. For those who aren’t fans of vino, a beer appreciation class is also offered. It’s both a student’s and a teacher’s dream come true…

7. KIN 040-049 – Topics in Dance

(040- Modern Dance, 041- Ballet, 042- Jazz, 045- Lindy Hop and Night Club Swing, 046- Social Dance, 047- West Coast Swing, 048- Latin, 049- Tap)

This group of courses are only 1 unit, are shorter than the average class (50 minutes compared to the usual 75), and all count toward graduation requirements. No prior dance experience is needed, but those who have two left feet might want to steer clear just in case.

8. MS 211 – Ecology of Marine Turtles, Birds, and Mammals & MS 231: Biology of Seaweeds 

While these are both graduate courses, they are so specific and intriguing that they had to be included on this list. Both include off-campus visits to the ocean, I’m assuming, as well as on-campus lectures and labs. Who knew there was so much to learn about seaweed?

9. PSYC 167 – Sports Psychology

SJSU offers a wide range of specific psychology courses, such as this one. Students in this class will get a look into the minds of amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes, and learn just how performance-enhancing drugs can alter the brain.

10. RECL 143 – Festivals and Community Special Events

First things first, the name of this department sounds like something I’d definitely study. Unfortunately, this major isn’t about how to relax and have fun- well, sort of- but how to make sure others can relax and have fun. This specific course looks into a community’s holidays and what kind of work goes into putting on special events.

11. WOMS 169 – Sexuality and The Body

Whether or not you’re a women’s study major, this would be an incredibly informative and relevant class to take. Students examine topics such as sexuality in the media, stereotypes and characteristics of sexuality, and how to have a healthy sex life. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself in the process of all this learning.


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