SJSU has a diverse campus community with every person being their own unique individual. Everyone stands out on their own, but with such a large population and huge campus orgs, it only makes sense that a lot of similar groups begin to emerge. Whether it’s by major, by campus org, by fashion, or by lifestyle, there are loads of people that fit into similar categories that is easily seen as one walks all around campus. With respect to each group and everyone’s own individuality, here are some of the most common types of people you’ll see at SJSU:

1. The Frat Boy

Bro, what kind of list would this be if we didn’t include the easily identifiable species-frat boys? Rain or shine, these men can easily be spotted with button up shirts, moccasins, and those low-cut shorts. Bonus: The side-part haircut and a pair of Ray-Ban glasses with black and gold frames. For them, a sentence is not complete unless they’ve uttered the word “Bro” at least once. Frat boys and drinking go together like mac and cheese: you can have mac with plenty of other food but nothing ever beats the classic mac’n’cheese. Thus, frat boys and alcohol remain bonded for life. These boys have an immense passion for their fraternities, often mentioning them whether or not you asked about it, occasionally inviting you along for the ride.

2. The Sorority Girls

Roam the street late Thursday night and you’ll be sure to run into one of these Wild types. During the day, they will be peppy and bright, proud of their sorority and various philanthropies. Catch them drinking shot after shot at the parties, then later stumbling out and spilling onto the streets of Sorority Row at late night. You can easily spot them wearing tanks repping their sorority house and I guarantee you that they mention their sorority sisters at least once a day. They may not always go to class, but you better believe they’ll make it to all their Chapter Meetings on time.

3. The Hipsters

No college campus is complete without its fashion-forward group of hipsters. You can spot them a mile away with their stand-out outfits-or you can completely miss them in the sea of people all aiming at going against the mainstream culture, but accidentally fitting into it the exact same way. Whether it’s high-waisted shorts and a short sleeve tied up in the back or it’s a beard, the signature Ray-Bans, and a flannel, you’ll certainly find them all throughout San Jose State.

4. The Art and Design Majors

We all have that friend who is good at art and constantly receives requests for people to draw pictures of them. Well, in SJSU, you can easily pick these apart from the rest of their peers. Art consists of numerous majors, including graphic design, animation, drawing, and photography. If you ever have an art major as a friend or roommate, you’ll get a small glimpse into their never-ending workload of project after project. They often spend hours at a time working on their project, nose-deep in their work, whether it’s on the computer madly clicking away at Photoshop or on-paper, ink dripping all over the paper-or is that their tears? SJSU has an amazing, wonderfully diverse selection of creatives as a part of the student population and you can see these people both in-person and through the art all around campus

(Illustration by Lyla Ribot)

5. The Engineers

“How come you didn’t go to the party last night?” “I’m an engineering major.” “Ohhh,” everyone replies in understanding. Engineers have a reputation for their insane workload. To spot one out and about is a rare sight indeed, as they’re often holed up indoors, either getting their homework done or otherwise carrying out some complex intricate project. You can usually spot them with their overstuffed backpacks with backs just threatening to break and brains ready to explode. SJSU is well-known for its school of engineering so rest assured, if you haven’t run into one yet, you will soon enough.


6. The Athletes

Decked out in blue and yellow SJSU-sponsored athletic gear, you can spot these from a mile away. They’re often dressed in their respective sports gear, regardless of the season. Whether it’s huge, tall football players roaming in packs with matching blue and yellow Nike backpacks and sweats or it’s your women’s water polo team strutting around with short-shorts, socks and sandals, you can locate these types all around campus. They are practically walking advertisements for the SJSU Nike and Champion apparel. Don’t get me wrong though: they put all of it to good use, especially with our Division 1 Football team and our many other killer sports teams.

(Picture by Zainab Nisa)

7. The Perfect Student

How does one manage to balance their social life with school, work, extracurriculars and sleep? Well, this is the type of person to ask. Despite being a full-time student in addition to working, they still find time to have a healthy sleeping schedule and hang out with their friends. They don’t just go to class; they get straight A’s and they get along with just about everyone. These are the types of people that I refer to as not human. They actually balance out…everything? Like…wow. They actually pull off college the exact way it seems like in the movies, in the media, and in the advertisements. They are the picture perfect model of a student. Bonus: they have a great diet, find time to exercise, and have color-coded notes and supplies. You can’t help but love and hate them at the same time.

8. The Cultured Ones

You know who I’m talking about: they’ve travelled all across the globe and they probably spout random facts related to the different countries they’ve travelled. They’ve been to places you’ve never even heard of, plus some that you’ve only ever dreamed of. If you mention anything about travelling, they’d probably offer you loads of tips to travel, along with a possible itinerary. They are adamant about respecting cultures, not appropriating them. Chances are, they’re really big into philanthrophy and have volunteered a lot of their time at foreign countries all over the world. Next time you’re planning on traveling, these are the people to consult first.

9. The Activists

These are the students out on the front line, with their clip boards, megaphones, and social media accounts all designed to push for equality and awareness. They are the ones with the megaphones, fighting for a better world for all of us. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re just too late to class and can’t stop to sign their petition or show up at the latest protest. They participate in a lot of the campus dialogues and they’re also well known within the various, diverse communities at SJSU. They are often very educated and passionate about numerous groups across campus and they often get along splendidly with students and teachers alike. “Outspoken” is often used to describe them, whether it’s in-person during a class discussion or on their Twitter account. They have strong voices, are very open-minded people, and are generally excellent friends to have.  

10. The Commuters vs The Residents

Here at SJSU, we have two types of people: the one who lives on campus, wakes up 10 minutes before class, and gets to class on time or the one who has to schedule all their classes back-to-back, wake up early, and leave an hour ahead of class to fight traffic, find parking, and get to class on time. Commuters generally have it rough, often trying to schedule their classes to make their commute as easy as possible, but alas, SJSU doesn’t always make it easy. Sometimes, they have to camp in Student Union, the library, or at a friend’s dorm while they wait for the painfully long hour gaps between their classes. On-campus residents, on the other hand, have a lot more flexibility and schedule their classes without much care for commuting time, as classes are always walking distance. Gaps aren’t a problem either, as they can easily walk back to their dorm as they please.


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