1. You brave the food at the Dining Commons.

I mean it’s not all bad, right?

2. “Free” is your favourite word.

Because college is expensive.

3.You have to wear your Spartan gear on Thursdays


Whether you’re a current student or an alum, you’ve always got that Spartan Pride.

4. You find yourself talking to the squirrels on campus

How can you not?

5. “Ho Bags” is the best place for breakfast on weekends

For the rest of you freshman, that would be House of Bagels.


6. You know just how to Spartan Up

Hands up, Spartans!

7. You check Yik Yak on an hourly basis

If only Yakarma could pay tuition…..

8. Thursday nights count as weekends

Don’t turn up too hard, Spartans.

9. You *almost* get hit by a boarder on campus at least once a day

If you don’t know how to board, please don’t learn on campus

10. Being chased by facilities carts is the most terrifying thing

They’re coming.


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