1. You have a Safeway card ready to go at any time

Having supermarket a ten minute walk away from both your classrooms and dorms is insanely convenient. Not to mention that there are deals every single day on all sorts of things that college students need. From a variety of microwavable college student staple foods to trash bags, or even flowers for that cute girl across the hallway you want to ask out but have been working on gathering the courage for, everything is extremely accessible.

2. Tapingo is the best

First few days at Santa Clara, you stood in line, physically waiting in line for food, dozens of minutes at a time. You watched people slip past the line, look for their order and take it, having wasted no time in line. One day you muster up the nerve to ask – how were they so miraculously getting their orders done without even showing up? Since then, you’ve never looked back.

3. You spend more time on Bellomy St than you’re proud to admit

To be honest, it’s wholly possible that you spend more time circling the street waiting for commotion to erupt, and avoiding the inevitable arrival of a barrage of blue and red lights than actually spending time at a house, but at the end of the day, isn’t that all part of the experience? Fridays and Saturdays are a given, but you never expected Wednesdays to be part of the routine. How can anyone even try to sleep in this neighborhood?

4. Phone Card Holder Sticker

When almost an hour at orientation is spent keeping track of the entirety of what your access card does, you kind of start to get the idea that these cards are fairly important, so when almost every vendor at the “Get Organized” fair is passing these out, you take them (because why not, they’re free!). Then the first few days pass by, and you realize, I actually need this card for everything… so you conform and stick it on, and haven’t taken it off since.

5. Losing your access card anyways

Alas, warning after warning will only do so much to deter college students from doing exactly what they are told not to do. Thank you SCU for trusting us by putting out campus cash, door key, and identification all into one card, but our cards, just like your trust, is misplaced again.


Whether you’re a willing participant of the shenanigans, or a victim of the barrage of half-passed out cries of “WAKE UP SWIG” hours after midnight, throughout your four year journey, you have definitely been a part of this age old tradition. If you’re lucky, you may even hear some desperate wails of the poor souls who have to endure this while they try to sleep, day after day.

7. Openness of everyone on campus

You might come as the most quiet person at your high school, but walk down the hallway of your dorm and you’ll notice that either doors are open, or people are not in their rooms, instead choosing to congregate and relax, study, or eat together, each of the hours that you and your friends share waking hours. You can’t walk anywhere without exchanging pleasantries to friend and stranger alike, pleasantries that sometimes even lead to new friends! When you walk up to a building, there will always be someone holding the door for you, and in turn you hold the door for the next person to pass through that door. This positivity runs to the roots of Santa Clara University’s students to the core, a cycle of positivity and goodwill.

8. You develop an interest in soccer

You may come from a background that never liked soccer in the past. You may have even disliked soccer, but being at a school that has a D1 team in soccer changes everything. On game days, you are bound to witness the crowds of people who flock towards the direction of the stadium, all sorts of costumes, but in a sea of red clothing, readying themselves to cheer on our teammates to go forth and chase yet another win.

9. You’re part of the Bronco family

Though fairly cliche, all the idiosyncratic and the unique people you meet will ultimately make an impact on you, and the person you become in college. These four years are the final sprint to your formative years, and you will take advantage of all that SCU has to offer. You feel home, and will remember the people you meet here and stick by the Bronco family for the rest of your life (or at least, so it seems!).


George Harn

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