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10 Coolest Clubs at SCAD

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Amanda Burnes
1 Nov 2018
5 min read
It’s important to make sure you’re involved on campus in college. Joining extracurricular clubs and activities is a great way to make new friends and get involved! Here’s 10 cool clubs at the Savannah College of Art and Design!

1. Film Club

Film makers on set The Film Club is a great club for students passionate about filmmaking! Anyone of any major who is interested in film can join, though mainly film related students join.

2. Music Production Club

Music producer in the studio The Music Production Club is a cool club for students interested in a music career. Members work together to discuss, create, edit and listen to different types of music.

3. Game Club

Set up board game Game Club is a hobby based student group for those interested in gaming. This group of students gets together occasionally to play video games, board games, and more!

4. Interior Design Org (iDO)

Beautiful living room The Interior Design Organization, AKA iDO, is a group of students who are passionate about interior design. They get together to discuss new styles, ideas, designs, and more.

5. Improv Club

Improv comedians on stage The Improv Club is a dedicated group of students who are passionate about comedy and improvisation acting. They love coming together to practice their acting skills and perform for the campus.

6. Dance Club

Ballet dancers in the studio The Dance Club at SCAD is another passionate group of students who love dance. Dancers of any style or talent can join! These students practice together and perform together.

7. Drawing Inc.

Drawing of a dog. The Drawing Inc Club is a student group for those who are interested in drawing and sketching. Members love to come together and draw together and help each other with their art!

8. Climate Reality

Person holding the globe Climate Reality is a student organization for those passionate about climate change. These students advocate for stopping global warming on campus and in the community.

9. Stop Motion Club

Man staging clay dolls The SCAD Stop Motion Club is a club for students passionate about the art of stop motion videography. These students work together to create great stop motion films.

10. SCAD Gardening Club

Woman watering her plants The SCAD Gardening Club is a group of students who love to garden. They have their very own greenhouse/garden on campus where they come together at and work on their plants.

5 Great Events at SCAD

1. SCAD Film Festival

SCAD Film festival logo Quarterly SCADFILM festivals spotlight the hottest trends in entertainment all year long. Participants benefit from the experts, information and creative work covering a broad range of fields.

2. Open Studio Night

Open Studio night logo Open Studio Night showcases the best painting, photography, illustration, printmaking and sculptures created by SCAD students, alumni and faculty alike.

3. SCAD at Miami

SCAD AT MIAMI 2018 SCAD AT MIAMI is a celebration of contemporary art, creative education and the global community. Explore enriching exhibitions, join conversations with some of the world’s most innovative artists.

4. SCAD TVFest

SCAD TVFest logo Enjoy the best of television and digital media at featured screenings, gain insight from industry insiders at panel discussions, and celebrate the latest in design, innovation and creativity in broadcast, cable, web, social media and advertising.

5. Career Fair

SCAD student showing portfolio Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to have your pick of the very best of SCAD's top creative talent to add to your ranks. Come to the SCAD Career Fair!


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