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Math Courses at Schoolcraft College

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James Brandon
18 Jul 2020
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Through the Mathematics department at Schoolcraft College, students are offered various math courses that may be required/recommended for a certificate or degree program in another area of study, or for transfer to a four-year college or university. A notable alumnus of the Schoolcraft College is T.J. Frader who after graduating from SC now works as an underwriter for refinance loans at Quicken Loans in Detroit.

Keep on reading to find out 10 of the math courses offered at Schoolcraft.

1. MATH 101 - Business Mathematics

A poster written Business Mathematics

This course discusses the fundamentals of arithmetic and reviews various concepts such as percentage, simple and compound interest, taxes, insurance, bonds, and their applications in the business world. The course is instructed by Kathy Jankoviak Anderson and is recommended for students who wish to pursue a degree in business-related degrees or those that wish to pursue a business-related career.

2. MATH 111 - Applications: Utility of Math

A poster with a word bubble written MATHS

This course instructed by Michael McCoy is recommended for students that need to develop some competency in mathematics for an Associate of Arts degree. The course includes the practical application of mathematics and covers topics such as geometry, probability, graphing, statistics, money management, interest, installment buying, credit cards, and loans.

3. MATH 119 - Trigonometry

A poster with a black background written "Basic trigonometry" and some trigonometric functions

This course introduces students to the fundamentals and concepts of trigonometry. Students will learn and apply trigonometric functions and their graphs, identities, equations and inverse functions, and solutions of right and oblique triangles. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a math-related degree or certificate program in the future. The course is instructed by Heather House.

4. MATH 122 - Elementary Statistics

an image of plots, pie charts, and other forms of graphs to visualize statistics

This course introduces concepts and fundamentals of statistics. The course instructed by Brad Stetson discusses various topics such as statistical descriptions, sampling and sampling distributions, possibilities and probabilities, frequency distributions, probability distributions, and testing hypotheses based on measurements among others. The course is recommended for those that want to major in statistics-related programs.

5. MATH 129 - Precalculus

A word bubble written Pre-Calculus

Instructed by Jennifer Wiedenfeld, this course helps students to transition to calculus courses. The topics covered in the course include the function concept, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, rapid review of trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, solving equations, curve sketching, and complex numbers among others.

6. MATH 230 - Linear Algebra

math professor at Schoolcraft

By taking this course, students learn the concepts and applications of linear algebra. The course will cover topics such as matrices, systems of linear equations, determinants, general vector spaces, Euclidean vector spaces, inner product spaces, and linear transformations among others. This course is instructed by Lawrence Choraszewski and is recommended for students that wish to pursue a math-related degree.

7. MATH 252 - Differential Equations

A differential equation written down

This course, instructed by Kathy Shields, discusses concepts and topics related to differential equations. Students will cover topics such as first-order differential equations, second-order linear equations, series solutions of second-order linear equations, higher-order linear equations, Laplace transform, numerical methods, and qualitative theory of differential equations among others.

8. MATH 240 - Calculus With Analytic Geometry 3

A "Calculus With Analytic Geometry" textbook cover

Students will discuss concepts and applications of calculus in relation to analytic geometry. The course instructed by Audrey Mingela covers several topics such as Vectors in the plane, vectors in three-space, solid analytic geometry, partial derivatives, line integrals, and multiple integrals. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a higher program in math-related fields.

9. MATH 102 - Technical Mathematics

A "Technical Mathematics" textbook cover

As the name suggests, Technical Mathematics equips students with the practical mathematical skills needed in a wide variety of professional programs. Students in this course will discuss topics such as measurement, basic algebra, geometry, right triangle trigonometry, graphing, and statistics. The course is instructed by Shaun Halaberda.

10. MATH 105 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 1

an elementary school teacher teaching math shapes to students

This course acts as the first part of a two-part course tailored for students who want to explore elementary school teaching. Students in the course will discuss topics related to elementary school math and the mathematics curriculum with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and problem-solving. The course is instructed by Alexander Maddox.

With the information above, potential students will be able to make informed decisions when selecting their combination of courses. Potential students that wish to pursue math programs are advised to explore more math courses from the institution's website for more information.


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