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Top 10 Clubs at Seneca College

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Lauraanna Quinting
A comprehensive college with degree, diploma and certificate programs. Seneca College is located in Toronto,Canada. The campus itself has other locations though such as New York. Here are 10 clubs you might want to join at Seneca College. 

 1. Seneca Sports Social

This group us mainly for talking. They socialize about sports and discuss different types they enjoy. This is great for those looking for friends to go to games with. talking about sports

2. Chinese Students Assocation

This group of students supports and educates. It shows the cultural values of China. It is a safe haven for Chinese students to find each other and socialize. chinese association

3. Muslim Student Association

This group of students educates those about the Muslim beliefs and values. They have events that show the culture such as food and religion. The group is great to join if you are looking for fellow Muslims. muslim religion

4. Mandarin Christian Student Fellowship

This group is meant for students who speak Mandarin but are Christians or discovering Christianity. This brings people together through culture as well as faith. mandarin language

5. Engineering Association

Perfect for engineers. This group is meant to go beyond the classroom and learn real life scenarios. They give resources for internships as well as open discussions on topics of engineering. engineering skills

 6. Salsa Dance Club

This group goes through the basic steps of Salsa. It is not easy at first, and also partner oriented. But the leaders are willing to go step by step for you to learn. salsa dance

7. Seneca Pride

Seneca Pride is meant to be a resource for those within the LGBTQ group. They give advice on how to be in situations and to react to them. They are a listening ear on any struggles you might have. They are all-inclusive and have events that educate and celebrate others. support for gay rights

8. Vet Tech Club

This group is for students studying to be a vet tech. It gives you resources to different internships or opportunities that give you teaching lessons to watch. Join this if you are passionate about talking about the field of vet techs. vet tech

9. Kingsword Bible Club

This bible club rejoices the word of God. They hold meetings and go over different readings in the bible. They hold discussions on reflection of the word as well as even have community events meant to serve or get to know each other. Jesus Christ

10. Fire Protection Student Association

This association goes over the measures needed to be safe during a fire. Whether that means safety precautions before the fire or different ways to protect yourself. It even goes as detailed as what to save before leaving a fire. Hint it is most likely the pet! Emergency design, vector illustration.

The Top Events of the School Year at Seneca College

1. Open House

This event is meant for students who are prospective. This means that future students can visit and see what the college has to offer. This is a great way to see the classes and different clubs/buildings the school has. open house

2. Bake Sale and Roses

This is a great event to celebrate the Valentine's day celebration. Not only can you purchase flowers for your significant other or friends, but you can get them a sweet treat to go with. bake sale

3. House Plant Sale

People love decor. Well for your dorm or apartment why not purchase a lovely plant. this will give it the color and vibe you want. You won't need to water it too much either. house plant

4. Used Book Sale and Apple Watch Draw

This event allows students to buy books at a discounted rate. This is great to stock up on information and you might have a friend that needs books at this event. The Apple watch is a prize for buying/attending. book sale

5. The Lip Sync Battle

This is exactly what you think it is. Based on the popular show "sing" your heart out by contorting your face to the most believable lip synching there is. Depending on how believable it is chances are you are actually mouthing the words. lip sync battle


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