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Job Opportunities for students at Simon Fraser University!

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Pallavi Rampal
This image shows the outside view of the Simon Fraser University.

The Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a public university which was established in 1965. Since then, this public university is home to over 40, 000 students and 950 Faculty members. Along with providing a wide variety of programs and courses for students, SFU also provides amazing job opportunities for students who would like to work on campus. Here are 8 jobs that students can find on the SFU campus!!

1. Life Guard!

This is a clipart image of a lifeguard who is monitoring the pools

SFU is not only home to amazing programs, but also very amazing resources for students like proving an recreation center within the university. The Aquatic Center in SFU is one of the largest student employers on campus. The center is always looking for amazing lifeguards who can monitor and help other students with swimming. So, apply for this job if you love to swim and help other people!

2. Library Clerical!

This image shows a clipart picture of a library with kids who are reading different kinds of books.

Do you love reading books? Well, this job is just for you! The SFU library provides amazing jobs for students, specifically becoming a Library Clerical.  A Library clerical or assistant help librarians by sorting and shelving books and other resource materials. They also help patrons locate what they seek and help other students! The SFU library hires about 5-10 clerical every semester. Make sure to apply for this job if you would love to work on-campus!

3. General Clerical!

This is an image of a clip-art picture which shows the inside of a mail room and a person organizing the mail.

The SFU hires students as Organizers and Assistants to work in the Mailrooms. Hired students are required to organize letters and packages according to last name and dormitory. Working in the mailroom is a good way to meet people in your dormitory, or, if you work in another residence, it’s an excellent way to connect with peers who you might not meet otherwise!

4. Foods and Beverage Service!

This picture shows a clipart image of a sandwich, apple, and water which is something quote commonly eaten as a meal for lunch among students.

The Simon Fraser University provides a wide selection of Food and Beverage Services with several different restaurants and numerous food options. Several of these restaurants hire students as chefs, cashiers, and servers. If you are just starting to work or want to gain experience, working in a food and beverage service is an amazing opportunity! It is also a great way to improve your customer service skills!

5. OneClass Note Taker!

This image shows the official logo to represent OneClass

If you would like to have an online job, this is the opportunity for you! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you are going to classes! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during lectures for your own classes! Become a note taker today! It is one of the best jobs a student could ask for!

6) Receptionist!

This is an image of a clipart picture which shows a receptionist who is helping other people.

At most universities, a front office is quite common which requires receptionists who can help other people with information about the university as well as, direct them to specific places or people.
The SFU offices hire students to work as receptionists and assist the faculty members and other people. So, a receptionist is a perfect job for a student who is organized, helpful, and loves to interact with other people! 

7) Web Design!

This image shows various people who are designing a website and making different web designs.

Are you a creative and artistic student? Do you love web designing? Well, this job is for you! The SFU is always looking for creative students who are interested in web designing for the official Simon Fraser University website. SFU hires 5-10 students during the beginning of the semester to improve their website and improve its functions!

8) The SFU Bookstore!

This is an image which shows the front-side view of the SFU bookstore.

The SFU bookstore is an on-campus store that is available for all students. This bookstore hires students as cashiers and assistants from the start of term to the end of a term. Students are required to organize shelves, help students, and create a friendly and helpful environment for all customers!


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