1. We play bagpipes at protests

2. We gave Bill Nye an honorary doctorate

3. We have puppies on campus for stress relief monthly

4. Three campuses that don’t compete

5. Out on Campus is supported and loved

6. Our dorms are massive comparatively

7. We didn’t try to get Drake to play at our campus by spamming his Twitter

8. SFU Confessions is alive and well

9. The Highland Pub

10. Renaissance Coffee

11. It doesn’t get prettier than Burnaby mountain in the spring

12. Most of our profs acknowledge and thank the Coast Salish people for use of their land, which the university’s main Burnaby campus is built on

13. We’re talking about introducing required Indigenous studies courses for each faculty.

14. SFUnow

15. Terry FuckCancer Fox

The reason why thousands of elementary students across BC are forced to run in the rain every year.


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