I have taken many awesome, fun and exciting classes at Simon Fraser University. I always remember these classes because they gave me so much joy and personal experience. All the students know that these are the must take classes at SFU. These courses usually fill up quickly, so make sure you don’t miss it! Here are the top 10 Coolest Classes at SFU.

1. BPK 140- Contemporary Health Issues

Interested in learning about how your body actually works? This intro level GPA booster at Simon Fraser University is designed for students from all faculties. Learn all about your health-physically, psychologically, and socially- from a holistic perspective!

2. FPA 104- Music Fundamentals

This course allows you to learn the basics of the elements and beginnings of music and teaches the skill of reading music notation, perfect for students with no background in music! Explore the application of music materials with current pop culture music as well as old classical tunes. 

3. IAT 100-Digital Image Design

Want to learn how to make those awesome posters you see on billboards? This design class is very popular amongst students as there are NO exams or quizzes at all! Strictly project based. Three projects during the term allow you to learn the principles in 2D visual design, sequential and animation design, as well as digital photography and vector image creation. 

4. CMPT 166 – Animated Introduction to Programming


Gaming nerds- (and not)- this one’s for you! Create your very own animated game through examples drawn from animation and graphics. No prior programming experience is necessary. Who knows? Maybe your game will be the next best version of “Angry Birds”!

5. FPA 149- Sound/Music Production

Ever wondered how your favourite artists create their music? This captivating class introduces you to the basics of acoustics, psychoacoustics, sound synthesis, audio sampling, and sound production in relation to music, film sound, radio, new media, art installations and live performance. 

6. BREW 110 /130– Intro to Brewing /Business Fundamentals

Calling all beer lovers! You will not only learn the behind the scenes of producing and designing your own craft beer, but will know how to operate your own business by formulating and implementing strategies.

7. CRIS340-Relationship Building

Learn how to handle troubles you may encounter in your personal life, whether it be social isolation or troubling thoughts. You will come out of this heartfelt course gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of friendships and family, and how to maintain an effective support system.

8. FPA 131 –Filmmaking I

Ever wondered how Woody Allen made all those historic movies? This intro course allows students to conceive, direct and edit a short film with a non-synchronous sound track, as well as to participate in the making of class exercises and other students’ films.

9. CMNS 221- Media and Popular Culture

Are you a pop culture lover? Learn more about the critical issues, controversies, currents, and debates in media and popular culture, through interesting up to date case studies that are so prevalent in our society today!

10. Iat 235- Information Design

This one is for the web design and user experience lovers! Learn how to code a visually appealing website that can be communicated to diverse user communities and different contexts.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below any other cool courses at Simon Fraser University that we missed!


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