Every university has its quirks, but when you have 30,000 students roaming a mountaintop campus, the limited space and unique environmental conditions really add another level of “you have to see it to get it”. Here are 20 things you can only understand if you go to SFU:

1. All is fair in love and Tim Horton’s lines.

Better check your watch and see if you have 15-20 additional minutes to spare if you really want that coffee and bagel, and while you’re at it, be prepared to watch someone else show up and be served within seconds.  

2. As my roommate puts it: “I can skip the gym today because I’ve already done stairs.” 

3. We don’t even know if people are doing the dirty in the avocado, it’s just a rule- you don’t touch the avocado.

4. SFU is the hardest marking school in Canada.

Everyone else in every other school is getting A’s. I’m not really sure what that means for the university, but you can bet it’ll lead to any number of uncomfortable and downright painful conversations with siblings and friends who are attending other schools.

5. You see the athletes walking around, you hear the athletes in class and partying, but do they actually play sports? You wouldn’t know, you never went to a single game.

6. There are ten different ways to get to the same place- great for when you’re trying to avoid, well, anyone.

7. Raccoons. Need I say more?

8. The amazing skyline views from the roof of the Rotunda that have everyone pulling out their phones for Snapchat and Instagram. 

9. They’re building us a whole new SUB and there still won’t be enough space for everyone to study.

10. Good luck getting out of a C9001, C9002, or Saywell 10081 after your lecture. Did someone mention “personal space”?

11. From smuggling cookiesc, to making ice cream waffle castles, chances are, even if you don’t live on residence you’ve probably heard of the wonders and terrors that can be found in the 24/7 dining hall. Usually found on most students bucket lists, to say the least. 

12. You won’t get into the classes you want (and sometimes need) until you’re past the point- credit wise- where it even matters.

13. They make it impossible to forget that you have yet to graduate. Good luck getting to class without noticing all of this!

14. Transit Bay 2 is your friend if you’re leaving school during peak rush hours.  

15. It really does get that foggy.

16. It really is that easy to get stranded on the hill, be it limited bus hours or snow and ice.

17. There is no such thing as priority seating on the 145.

18. The only people that go to pub nights are the people that live up on the hill… because they’re the only people who have a place to stay when the night is over. 

19. Convo Mall is actually Freebie Mall: From pancake breakfasts, to hot chocolate and coffee, there’s often a generous amount of free goods given out every semester from this central hub.
20. More than half of the artwork around school is sorta creepy, but they make great landmarks.  


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