Here at SFU, we have to do what we can to keep our GPA’s out of the gutter while still fulfilling our requirements. So the next time you’re looking to fill some requirements and pump up that GPA, give this list a look! Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at Simon Fraser University:

1. ARCH 100: Ancient People and Places (B-SOC)

From the pyramids to the ancient aztec culture, this class has an emphasis on the cultural relevance of past civilizations, and less so on their dates and weird scientific names for the soil types and found artifacts.

2. ARCH 131: Human Origins (B-SOC/SCI)

If there’s any part of you that can handle a minor amount of memorization, ARCH 131 is for you. Darwinism, dates, and apes. That’s it.

3. PUB 101: Publication of Self in Everyday Life

Imagine a class where you get the freedom to write/blog about whatever you want, on a blog of your own choosing. Look no further than PUB 101, a class that asks you to set the standards for yourself as you work to understand what it actually means to be active on the internet. We all do it everyday- Why not get a grade for it?

4. CMNS 110: Introduction to Communication Studies (B-SOC)
Much like PUB 101, this class covers a wide range of incredibly relevant topics, meaning you can write on things that you actually want to write about. The study of communication is broad, I don’t think there’s any answer you could give to a question that isn’t technically right in some way… Or at least, that’s what the marks seem to reflect.

5. BPK 140: Contemporary Health Issues (B-SCI)
This fail-proof kin class usually features open book exams and common-sense knowledge, meaning students usually get that GPA booster they were looking for.

6. HSCI 160 Global Perspectives on Health (B-SOC)

A passionate professor who makes her quizzes and exams straight from the lecture slides? Uhm , yes please?

7. HIST 102W: Canada Since Confederation (B-HUM)
Often taught by Mark Leier, he manages to spice up what sounds like a fairly dry and sleep-inducing topic. Combine his enthusiasm with clear marking guidelines and a willingness to help, and you find yourself enrolled in a great breadth course minus the GPA headache.

8. PHYS 190: Introduction to Astronomy (Q/B-SCI)

Howard Trottier is also known for his enthusiasm and his willingness to help where and when help is needed. This course is designed for students who don’t exactly have a background in physics, or astronomy, and therefore perfect for, well, most students.

9. PHYS 192: Logarithm and Blues (B-SCI)
Only taught by Michael Hayden, a dedicated and enthusiastic prof who not only makes class entertaining, but accessible to students outside of the physics world, this class is not only considered one of the coolest at SFU, but one of the easier classes. The course content is more than manageable, and peaked interest levels only help to make this course a great friend to you GPA.

10. REM 100: Global Change (B-SOC)
Known for having short papers, interesting lectures, and at times, NO final, what more could you ask for?




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