Whether you’re a new student, a hopeful future student, or an old-timer like me, I can guarantee that any one of these reasons will at some point make you question why you chose to attend Simon Fraser University.

1. Absolutely savage grading. You hear it time and time again. SFU is known for it’s hard marking. 

2. You’ll constantly have to defend against UBC kids. Look dude, chill. We don’t care. Let it go.

3. It’s. God. Damn. Cold. That elevation makes a huge difference, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

4. Isolation + cement = Hunger Games arena.

5. Most buses take about four years going up the mountain. Enjoy the boredom if you forget your headphones, sucker.

6. It just seems like every hallway is narrow. You’re either stuck behind a thousand people, a slow group of first years, or the nannies taking all the daycare babies for a walk. Hard to tell the difference, between the last two, I know, but they move at the same pace so either way, you’re going to be late.

7. Stairs, stairs, stairs. There is no shame in mouth-breathing here folks, none whatsoever.

8. Remember all those friends you made in class? Of course you don’t, no one makes friends in class. This is a commuter campus, so unless you live up here, you don’t interact with the “other” people.

9. The school pub isn’t open on weekends, INCLUDING Friday night!

10. 4 year graduation? Sure, if you’re willing to lose a summer or two! 


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