Sfu 4

Thoughts College students have after their freshman year.

1. “Wait…it’s already over?”

All those adults and older friends that told you not to blink because it will all fly by too soon? They were completely right…annoyingly.

2. My GPA isn’t THAT bad…right?!

It’s no secret that the first year is the hardest on your GPA if you can’t adjust to the workload differences from high school but at least you have 3 more years to bring it up.

3. Living off campus?

Time to text everyone you’ve ever exchanged a conversation with in the past year and see if they’re taken or not!”

4. “How am I going to afford food on campus now?”


5. “Oh…I guess I didn’t avoid the freshman 15 as well as I thought”

Taking down all those pictures you took the first couple months of school is a painful reminder that your face was once not so round.

6. “I’m so glad that relationship didn’t work out”

When youre thrown into a new town and new school, flings happen! Sometimes, it’s best kept that way.

7. “My parents are heaven sent”

after a year away from mom and dad’s warmth and comfort ( and free food) you learn to appreciate everything they do for you.

8. “I really appreciate quarters”

I know what you’re thinking but seriously, try paying $1.25 for a load of laundry. That means to wash and dry one load it costs $2.50!! I’m not made of money!! Or quarters for that matter.

9. “Where’s the nearest fire pit I can torch these class notes and tests grades that never should see the light of day”

Mom and dad never have to know what they don’t see!!! But maybe the online evidence and idk…lack of scholarship next year would tip them off but oh well.


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