If you are an incoming student, a lost upper year, or simply curious, you have come to the right place. The following list includes classes that one might think of as a “bird course”, yet you may be surprised by the actual outcome. Let us begin! Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at Saint Mary’s University!

1. ENGL 1205 – Introduction to Literature

So I know what you’re thinking, “English? Really? I can speak English how hard can it be?” and let me tell you, not easy! Required readings vary depending on your Prof, so while you are memorizing every detail about Hamlet, your friend in another section is looking at Seamus Heaney’s poetry. The subjective nature of this course coupled with seemingly random selections of work lead to all-round frustration.

2. MGSC 1205 – Quantitative Methods 1

This class is a shout out to first year commerce students, we’ve all been there. With a name that might as well read “Mystery 101”, this course is all about math, so bring your calculator and get cracking. The math itself is not difficult, but wrapping your head around interest rates and annuities can lead to headache and misery.

3. MGSC 1206 – Quantitative Methods 2

You thought you were out of the woods already? Nice try amigo. Quant 2 is like Quant 1, because you can expect math. After that, the similarity ends. Some nice calculus right off the bat until the midterm, then the focus shifts onto probability. How do calculus and probability correlate? I couldn’t tell you, and you probably won’t know either.

4. MATH 1211 – Introductory Calculus II

This next one is for the science and engineering students. This won’t come as a shock to you guys like Quant 2 did for the commerce kids. You can expect grueling lectures on integration, volumes of a cylinder, and sequences and series.

5. PHYS 1100 – University Physics I

Bet you liked physics in high school and thought engineering would be cool. Nothing like the sweet bliss of naiveté! This “calculus-based physics course” will teach you about kinematics and Newton’s laws of motion. Here’s his fourth law “For every lack of student action there is an equal disappointing grade”. I know it doesn’t rhyme, but it is the most certain of his laws.

6. FINA 2360 – Business Finance 1

This is the point where finance students start regretting choosing the finance major. Ironically this is your first finance course, and boy will it be an awakening. This class is what stands between you becoming the next Wolf of Wall Street and switching to a marketing major. I hope you enjoy capital budgeting, because you won’t be able to escape it.

7. CHEM 1212 – General Chemistry II for Life Sciences

A great course for those who love chemistry, a mystery for those that do not. Equilibrium, kinetics, and electrochemistry are the focus of this class. You may find yourself searching for the meaning of life rather than the science behind it.

8. ACCT 2242 – Introductory Managerial Accounting

Welcome back Commerce students. This accounting course takes the best of Financial Accounting, and makes it applicable to managerial decision making. Prepare to understand theory and numbers, as you manage your way through this course.

9. LING 1200 – Introduction to Linguistics

Please carefully consider the fact that this is a full year course, and maybe not a good idea for an elective. Unless you really want to learn about where and how languages were made, I would suggest taking something a bit easier. The big killer with this class is the readings, which will likely cut into a majority of your Netflix time.

10. GRMN 1101 – Introduction to the German Language I

Just take French. German is a hard language to learn (der, die, das, all the same thing). If you already know German you should be taking a higher level, and if you know none then there are probably more useful languages to learn (French is Canada’s second official language). Consider your GPA before taking this jump.

There you have it folks, the 10 hardest classes at SMU!


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