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10 Hardest Courses at St. Petersburg College

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Santosha Veera
18 Jun 2019
10 min read

Everyone has had the displeasure of encountering an insurmountable test, a tediously frustrating assignment, or a mind-numbing lab that they just can't get out of. The worst part: even after sleepless nights in the library and multiple stress-induced breakdowns, the grade still may not measure up. It may seem tempting to just drop the class and pretend it doesn't exist, but unfortunately, many of these hard classes are wedged into degree programs and major requirements. For all students who've struggled through a lecture, not understanding a single thing but hoping they'll get it somewhere along the way, here are 10 of the hardest courses at St. Petersburg College.

1. ACG 245 - Accounting Software Applications

Cartoon of a workstation, with a laptop, graphs and phones on a desk

Just hearing the name of this class might be enough for some students to balk. Offering an overview of accounting software, this course is designed to aid students in applying accounting knowledge and skill to businesses and the workplace. As nearly every new company now keeps its bookkeeping process electronically, this is an essential class for aspiring accountants, but it can also be very confusing and frustrating. Students who have limited familiarity with computer systems and data entry might struggle with this class and its technical concepts, but it's great for those who want to up their game in the workplace.

2. AML 2020H - Honors American Literature II: 1865 to Present

picture of girl in library reading books near a lamp

This class is for students who couldn't get enough of their AP Literature class or for that one kid that related a bit too much to Holden Caulfield of Catcher in the Rye. Honors American Literature 2 focuses on a research-based analysis of prominent historical and contemporary US literature, with a historical and philosophical lens. This class can be difficult due to its time-consuming workload, with lots of weekly readings, essays, and research papers. Those who are passionate about literature and writing will love this class, but those who shake in fear at the mention of The Great Gatsby should probably pass on this class.

3. ARH 2051 Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary

Many different cultures have famous art pieces that are culturally important.

For the inner Picasso in every student (or... not), Art History delves into the theory, history, and appreciation of art in many cultures and countries. Focusing on painting, sculpture, and architecture of the time period, students are expected to critically think about the historical context and art theory behind pieces. Because of the class's highly analytical nature, students without a strong foundation in writing about and analyzing literature or art may find this class difficult, but those who are passionate about it should take it anyway.

4. ASL 1150C - Intermediate American Sign Language with Lab

Picture of person doing ASL to communicate

Anyone who has tried to learn a language as an adult knows exactly how frustrating and difficult it can be. The best time for language acquisition is between birth and 10 years of age. Unfortunately, most college students are past that prime. Because of the innate difficulty of language learning and the added challenges of communicating through a different medium, many students find ASL a challenging course. However, it is an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience to learn another language and understand a new culture, and students should still take this course for those reasons.

5. BCH 4024 - Biochemistry

Picture of bonds in biochemistry

Imagine the hardest biology class and the hardest chemistry class...and then put them together. It's no wonder students cry at the mention of biochemistry. Covering the chemical interactions and processes of biological systems, including metabolic pathways and protein and DNA structure, biochemistry is a rigorous subject. Students who plan on entering the field of medicine should definitely take this subject, but those who would rather watch Bill Nye the Science Guy should probably find another course.

6. BSC 2086L - Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory II

Cartoon of human heart

Anatomy and Physiology is the study of the animal body and the chemical and biological processes that make up its larger organizational structure. An absolutely essential class for anyone going into the medical or healthcare field, BSC 2086L covers the lymphatic, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, urinary, and reproductive systems of the human body. Those who love science and don't struggle with memorization will find this class doable, but students who have little experience with these topics might be in for a rough ride.

7. CEN 3088 - Software Security

Software security is vital for any business or organization that stores data digitally.

Software Security is a class that focuses on cyber-security, threats to a company's databases and software, and hacking attacks on software. In a world that is increasingly digital, where major global institutions rely on secure servers, cyber-security is a pressing matter. Students who want to work in government information technology, international security, or for large companies that handle private information, this class is essential. However, it's basis in software theory and technical skills make it difficult for beginners to grasp.

8.CHM 2210 - Organic Chemistry I

Organic chemistry is the study of carbon based compounds and their interactions

Organic Chemistry has caused many a nervous breakdown since it's conception by some evil mastermind whose sole purpose in life was to make students' lives miserable. With complicated chemical mechanisms to understand, chemical notations to memorize, and labs that seem to drag on for hours and hours, it's no surprise that Organic Chemistry makes the list of most difficult courses. Students who are planning to apply to med school should definitely take this course, as it is required, but if it's not absolutely necessary, skip this course!

9. COP 2220 - Programming in C++

picture of a laptop screen with coding program

Before anyone can aspire to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or tech start-up mogul, they need to pass their intro programming courses. Unfortunately, as easy as it seems when movie hackers do it, programming can be incredibly difficult to get the hang of, and many students find it to be frustrating and thankless. For students ready for a challenge and who have some time on their hands, this class is manageable, but otherwise, it might be best to drop it.

10. MAC 2313 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry III

picture of a bunch of graphs and equations in math

Math of any kind is enough of a terrifying subject for some people that the mere mention of it might make them cry - now imagine math with more letters than numbers, with confusing 3D graphs, with complex algorithms and word problems that make even advanced students shudder. This is Calculus 3, and thankfully, it's usually only a required class for students going into math, engineering, or computer science related disciplines. Students who don't like working with numbers or who deal with math anxiety should think twice before taking this class.

Whether its hard exams, long projects, or a professor that grades without any mercy, some classes can be a student's worst nightmare. However, this doesn't mean that one should back away from a challenge. On the contrary, taking a hard class can sometimes be a rewarding experience when a student pushes themselves and finds they are capable of more than they imagined.


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