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10 of the Easiest Courses at SPC

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Killa Kurls
4 Jun 2018
6 min read
The fall semester is approaching for many college students, which means that they have to add-on coursework to their daily schedule as soon as they get their class schedule. Many of the courses are hard and require their undivided attention, however, there are some easier courses that allow students to take a break from it. Here are 10 of the easiest courses to take at St. Petersburg College!

1. ANT 2000 - Introduction to Anthropology

This course will provide a basic overview on the field of anthropology. Students will learn about the various methods and applications throughout the duration of this course as well. There will be emphasis on the environment, origins of mankind, and the different aspects of anthropology.The word anthropology written out.

2. ARH 1000 Understanding Art

Have you ever questioned why artists create a work? This course will provide students with a basic understanding on the visual arts.  Students will learn about a variety of different artworks and the artist that created them. Students will also learn about three and two-dimensional media, and their impacts on the world today.An art piece of Beyoncé.

3. ASR 1003 The Solar System

Have you ever wondered what's really out there in our universe? This course is designed to allow students to study not only planet earth, but the moon, sun, and other planets in our galaxy as well. Student swill also study comets, eclipses, theories, meteors, and the origin of the Milky Way.

The planets in our galaxy in order.

4. CHM 1025 Introductory Chemistry

This course is an introduction to modern chemistry. Students will learn not only about jobs in the field, but also how many of its concepts are applied in other fields. Topics to be discussed includes atomic structure, states of matter, chemical formulas, nomenclature, chemical reactions, solutions, and chemical calculations.

A scientists holding up a chemical.

5. COP 1000 Introduction to Computer Programming

In this course, students will be introduced to computer programming. Students will learn about the basics of coding, including the problems, processes, and generating input and output. Topics to be discussed include repetition structures, coding decision structures, custom functions, and text files.
People inside of a computer lab.

6. DAA 1351 Zumba International Dance

Get fit in this class! Zumba is designed to give students a mix of Latin and international dance. This fitness course provides students with a fun and upbeat time while getting fit. Choreographed routines include aerobic, internal training, and toning methods that will help to sculpt your body. Targeted areas include your abs, buttocks, arms, and legs!An image of the Zumba logo.

7. DAA 1100 Modern Dance I

This course is designed to teach students the modern dance techniques and movements. Students will be provided with basic instruction on the principles of moving their own bodies the right way, rhythm, and a history of modern dance as well. Students will dance to many musical styles.Two dances on stage doing modern dance.

8. GEA 2172 Geography of the Developing World

In this course, students will learn the geography of the developing world in China, South Asia, the Indian Perimeter, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Students will learn how many of the developing regions are still in the process of growing . Students will also study how many of the factors that go on in these regions affect the world we live in today.

Picture of Latin America on two hands.

9. GLY 2010 Physical Geology 

This course will provide students with foundation on the physical geography of the earth. Students will study minerals, rocks, and the formation of many land masses. Students will also learn how to interpret many of the land forms and what factors have affected them.A picture of the Grand Canyon

10. MUL1010 Music Appreciation

In this course, students will study many of the world's most greatest music works and their composers. Students will study how music has developed and shaped the world we live in today. The goal of this course is to allow students to be active and intelligent listeners of music.

A music score of Riverside.


Go ahead and sign up for a class or two from this list! These classes are designed to help boost your GPA and earn you a little extra time to sleep throughout the night without worrying about studying for them!


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