Your first step into college chemistry lab would usually be CHE 133. A 3-hour lab would seem intimidating but with these tips, that ‘A’ won’t be too far to reach. Keep these tips in mind for future labs.

1. Don’t be late!!!

Don’t decide to sleep in on the day of lab. We are all guilty of skipping a lecture or two. BUT time is SUPER important in the lab because you have to finish the experiment and calculation in time. Chem lab is around 3 hours long which means there’s a lot to be done. Good thing, you can leave early once you’re done with everything.

2. Dress Properly

No dresses, skirts, or shorts. Your legs have to be covered to prevent any chemicals touching your skin. Leave those Adidas slides in your dorm because socks and slippers do not consider as shoes.

3. Bring the materials

The first time meeting in the lab will just be watching videos on how to safely perform experiments in the lab. Start bringing the materials the second time you meet in the lab. Your lab manual, goggles, hair ties (if you have a long hair), composition lab notebook (# the pages), calculator, and a small towel.

4. Come Prepare For The Lab

The worst feeling is not knowing what you should do. Read the procedure a couple of times before you go to the lab (preferably the day before). Watch the power point videos (Blackboard) and take notes because all the calculations are shown in the video.

5. Remember to…

Do your pre-lab quiz on Oscer. There’s always an online pre-lab before the actual lab. It’s basically calculation questions that you will perform during lab. Tip: the video tells you how to do them.

6. Reduce time by…

Copying the data tables from your lab manual and draw it on your lab notebook the night before lab. This will SAVE you by reducing the time finding what you need to calculate and when you have to transfer the data to the lab paper which you have to give in to the TA with no correction marks. Better be extra than getting minus points.

Last words…

Don’t worry. Time goes by fast. The next thing you know, the semester is ending and you survived CHE 133 till’ next semester, to CHE 134. You can cry again afterward.


Jasslyne Jana

I'm a Marine Vertebrae Bio Major in the Pre-Health track, a student with a purple belt in Taekwondo and also have an extreme love for dogs.

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