ANP 120 is an Introduction to Biological Anthropology taught by Professor Russo. The course covers primate taxonomy, primate diet and lifestyle, evolution, and human evolution. All the content in the class can be daunting, but if you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to an A in no time.

1. Come to class

Okay, this is pretty standard and basic but it’s pretty important, especially for this class. If you can’t come to a lot of classes, at least come to the classes right before an exam because that’s when she’ll handout exam review sheets that cover exactly what you need to know for the exam. Each class Professor Russo covers a lot of information, so it’s good to be present physically and mentally.

2. If you can’t come to class, make a friend

Don’t sweat it too much if you miss a class, but be sure to grab someone’s number or make a friend so you have someone to get the notes from. Professor Russo does not post her Powerpoints online so the notes are the only way to get the daily class content.

3. If you can’t make a friend, use OneClass

In the case that you’re antisocial or have just given up on coming to class, why not use OneClass? (shameless plug). Click here to be directed to a page with all of my notes on most of her lectures. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

4. If your grade is in dire straits, take advantage of the extra credit

This goes without saying but many people are unaware that you can get up to 20 points of extra credit through the multiple extra credit opportunities Professor Russo offers. There is always extra credit on her exams, so be alert. Also, she has another extra credit opportunity called “In The News” where you can get a point for posting about a current events article related to biological anthropology, and you can do this up to five times to get a total of five points of extra credit.

5. Make use of the help board

The Help Board is a forum on Blackboard in her class dedicated to students. Students can ask questions or ask for the notes of a previous lecture. If you’re ever confused on a subject and didn’t get a chance to ask the TA or the Professor in person, don’t be afraid to ask on the help board because inevitably someone will reply. It might even be Professor Russo or the TA.

And there you go! 5 tips to help you succeed in ANP 120. If you focus and pay attention, you might even end up really interested in the class because the content is truly fascinating.

Mehar Bharatiya

Hi, I'm Mehar and I'm an Anthropology Major and Geology Minor at Stony Brook University! I like reading, writing, art, and cats. In my free time I like pondering philosophical quandaries, watching meme compilations, and engaging in political discourse!

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