The fall semester is coming to an end, and course evaluations can come in handy for students that are thinking of taking certain courses next semester or eventually. For these evaluations, the courses will be evaluated on five criteria; the attendance factor, the professor, overall level of difficulty of the class, overall workload for the class, and exam difficulty. At the end, there will be an overall rating for the course as a letter grade (A-F).

This course evaluation will cover ANP 120, or Intro to Biological Anthropology taught by Professor Russo.

1. The attendance factor

The attendance factor, in simpler terms, is basically how often you need to come to class.

For ANP 120, you should try to come to class but it’s not the end of the world if you miss a couple of classes. Just make sure to get the notes from someone because Professor Russo does not post her powerpoints on Blackboard. Coming to class will give you a better understanding of the material, but you can recover from that if you read through the notes from someone else.

2. The professor

Professor Russo is kind and understanding. If you read and understand the syllabus, you should have no problems. She is easy to talk to and makes the lecture material interesting and tries to make jokes as well.

3. Overall difficulty of the class

ANP 120 is easy. Do the homeworks on time, study for the exams, come to class and you’ll do fine. This is not a hard class and if you do your work then it should be fairly easy to get an A. If you’re borderline she offers a ton of extra credit too so don’t worry about your grade for this class.

4. Overall workload of the class

Maybe 15 minutes a week to do the weekly homeworks. The workload for this class is nothing compared to other courses. Just a simple ten multiple-choice online homework that takes a couple minutes. Obviously this changes the days before the exam, but that’s applicable for every course.

5. Exam Difficulty

The exams are pretty easy as long as you studied and prepared well. There’s a lot of memorization of a ton of content, so if you space out the studying and review you should do fine. There is no open-ended on the exams and it’s all matching, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank, so even if you’re a bit unsteady on some questions you can guess your way through.

Overall, the grade for this course, considering all the factors, is an A-. It would be an A, but sometimes classes can get a bit boring, especially if you’re not naturally interested in biological anthropology.


Mehar Bharatiya

Hi, I'm Mehar and I'm an Anthropology Major and Geology Minor at Stony Brook University! I like reading, writing, art, and cats. In my free time I like pondering philosophical quandaries, watching meme compilations, and engaging in political discourse!

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