While in college, we all feel like we need more experience in our fields. Thankfully, there are many resources available at Stony Brook University to help us find an internship on campus or off campus. Thankfully, even if we find an internship outside of campus, those can count for upper division credits. Follow one or more of these steps and hopefully you’ll be on your way to having a super cool internship in your field!

1. Career Center

The Career Center is the BEST at helping you find internships. There are  advisors such as Caterina Reed ready to give you advice on where to look for internships and when their deadlines are. The Career Center also has career workshops to help you polish your resumes and cover letters. Stop by and ask for help, you never know what you might find!


2. Handshake

Every college or university has a website job board that students can frequently check with their students’ logins and apply for positions on campus. Ours is Handshake, Stony Brook’s Career Center’s online recruiting database. There are jobs, internships, events and volunteer opportunities posted frequently. Next time you’re on the lookout for internships, check Handshake and apply to all the ones you find interesting.


3. Connections

If you’re a part of an organization or already have a job placement on your campus, ask them if they’re looking for interns. Most connections can lead to internships because there is always someone looking for extra help. Before looking anywhere else, maybe ask the people you already know for some help.


4. Networking Events

NETWORK! If there isn’t anyone in your circle who knows about internships, seek out networking opportunities on campus. Most programs or clubs host events where you can meet alumni and learn about their current job positions. If there’s someone who’s in the position that peaks your  interest, ask them about any opportunities available. You never know what they might say!


5. Don’t Give Up

And finally, don’t ever give up on finding internships. There are opportunities everywhere you look, it’s all about finding them. You have resources on the Stony Brook campus that will allow you to find at least one internship during your time in college.


Internships are all about the experience and as a college students we all have the resources to help. Try to find at least one internship that will allow you to gain new experience that you can apply to your future jobs.   Good luck everyone!



Evelin Mercedes

My name is Evelin and I'm doing a double major in Journalism and Spanish!

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