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Most undergraduates live on campus all four years of their college careers. For right or wrong, this is the trend in American schools that lots of students at schools all over the country follow. Whether the school is rural or in a city, living on campus in general has its advantages. However, given that Suffolk University is primarily a commuter school, there are a lot of advantages that living on campus entails that commuters cannot enjoy.

1. Being close to class buildings

There are days where no one wants to get out of bed on time, but living on campus, it’s possible to wake up fifteen minutes before class and still get there on time. Time to sleep – a precious commodity for college students – is much more plentiful living on campus. Being much closer to class buildings, the rush to get to class is greatly reduced. So go ahead and hit that snooze button!


2. Being in downtown Boston

Suffolk‘s dorm buildings are located right in the heart of Boston. There is never a shortage of things to do or places to shop. Downtown Crossing and all of its shops are only a couple blocks away from the 150 Tremont Residence Hall or the 10 West/Modern Theatre Residence Hall. Miller Hall, at 10 Somerset Street, is also close to Downtown Crossing while also having close access to the restaurants and stores on Cambridge Street. Suffolk‘s campus is also within a 10 minute walk to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. Also, Park Street station is just outside most Suffolk buildings. Also, the Downtown Crossing and Government Station MBTA stops are within walking distance, so getting around the city is no problem.


3. On-campus students never have to deal with the commute

Though the MBTA is usually dependable, there are incidents where trains do break down or certain lines are closed between certain stops and replaced with buses, making commutes longer. Living on campus, this is never something on-campus students have to account for in order to get to class on time.


4. More in tune with school events or events off campus

Students who live together on the same floor, in the same room or in the same building, often ask each other what is happening on or near campus throughout the day. Living on campus means that students are around each other more often and learning about events going on throughout the day. Since commuters do not spend as much time on campus, they may miss out by not hear about something going during the day and not being able to make it after already having gone home.


5. Easier to coordinate plans with classmates

Living on campus makes impromptu or spontaneous plans much more possible. Living off campus there is more coordination needed to plan things like dinner with friends, museum visits, or whatever a group of classmates wants to do. Being on campus, it’s much easier to meet up with friends and travel together, alleviating the need to have plans ready further in advance or having to coordinate how everyone will get to wherever plans are taking place at the same time. Likewise, it is easier for things like school clubs or class group projects to meet up living on campus.

 6. Getting the college experience

Making friends with floor mates, suite mates or roommates opens the door to many long lasting friendships that cannot be formed in just a classroom. Commuters miss out on getting the typical “college experience” living in a dorm entails.


A huge part of going to college in America is living at the dorms in college, and Suffolk University is no different. Living at the dorms has its advantages and the camaraderie that can form among people who live together on campus can be great. No student should be afraid to try living on campus, because it may very well be worth it.


Ryan Arel

Suffolk University Journalism Major, Print/Web concentration. I love everything Boston.

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