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Going to a new school can be troubling, but following the first semester, most students learn how things work quite easily. Second semester of freshman year is a great time for students to branch out and achieve their full potential without the uncertainty of first semester. After a few months at Suffolk University, there are some specific things that students will know about their campus and Boston. This makes for a better 2nd semester overall, and here’s why:

1. You know where everything is

Coming to Suffolk as a freshman is confusing. All the campus lingo makes absolutely no sense at first. Some orientation leader is going to blab on about Sawyer, Somerset, 150, Miller Hall, the list goes on. Little do most know that the first two are used to refer to class buildings and the last two are to refer to dorm buildings. To incoming freshman, the informal references to buildings and locations is confusing, especially if you aren’t familiar with Boston or a Boston native. Second semester, most of the kinks in language will have been worked out, and most of the time you’ll know where people are talking about when they say something informal.

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2. You know where the fun is

By now, most students know where all the good places to go for a good time. Whether you’ve made a friend with an apartment to hang out at, found a good group of friends on campus, joined a club or discovered the 18+ clubs in Boston, there’s a solid chance you know more about the city in your second semester than you did walking in as a clueless freshman.

3. You know how to deal with diversity

If you come from a breadbasket part of the country or a melting pot part of it, being around the international student population will almost definitely sober up any of the apprehensiveness some people get around people unlike them. Most of the students at Suffolk are very respectful in dealing with people who are not from the U.S. By now, living in Boston and being around international students and professors, which Suffolk is famous for, odds are you now know that everyone there generally has the best intentions and you may not be as afraid to converse with different types of people.

4. You’ve made friends with the security guards

Living on campus or commuting, the guards and police officers that work at Suffolk University are generally very good to students. Lots of students use their escort services to get around campus late at night. You also know who to contact in an emergency better, how to use Suffolk Police accordingly and probably know a few of them on a first name basis.

5. You know where to go and when, and where not to go and when

Being right downtown there are places to avoid, places that are sometimes safe and places that are always safe. If you commute and you’re in the city a lot, you’ve probably figured it out in your travels. Living on campus, you’ve definitely figured it out within your daily on-campus routine. It’s safer second semester knowing what parts of the city are okay and which parts are not, especially if you aren’t from Boston.

Once that last final is handed in first semester, it’s a relief for everyone. First semester as a freshman can be difficult, especially going to school in one of the country’s biggest and most active cities. Second semester, however, is an opportunity all students should take full advantage of. Since students get the swing of things by 2nd semester, it is evidently going to be much better than the first.


Ryan Arel

Suffolk University Journalism Major, Print/Web concentration. I love everything Boston.

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