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There are all types of people at Suffolk University, but there are a few types that stand out almost immediately upon arrival. These types of people are all over campus. They’re in your classes, in your dorm rooms, or even possibly your roommate. Whether or not you know it remains to be seen, but if you haven’t noticed yet, pay close attention to the following 5 types of people you’ll meet on Suffolk University grounds:

1. The Hype Man/Woman or Party Guy/Girl

This person is “rah rah rah” 24/7. They’re always looking for a good time, a party or somewhere to go the second they have a moment to spare. They reach out to everyone they know looking for a frat, house or apartment party to go to. They harass you when you’re studying, doing homework or trying to relax. You can’t get away from them.

2. The Massachusetts Frat Girl

Chances are this girl is a little snobby, she’s pretty and she’s in with all the frats in Boston. Every Friday and Saturday night, she can be found exiting the dorms in a tight dress and walk-of-shaming back the next morning making for an awkward exchange with the security guard on duty. She knows the ins-and-outs of MIT, Harvard, Northeastern, Boston University and all of the other Boston colleges strictly because she’s been to all the parties – and isn’t afraid to show it.

3. Mr. or Ms. “Peaked in High School”

This person lives for their glory days. They live for their popularity and all the things they did in high school. But none of this carried over in college. This person expected all their fame to carry over into college, and when they got here, they figured out they were just like every other person to everyone there.

4. The Nerds

These people never go out, never go to campus events and are basically never seen out in public. Though they chose to go to school in the city, they don’t exactly fit the stereotype of a city college kid. Instead of hitting the clubs, they hit the books. Instead of going to frats, they go home and study. This isn’t always a bad thing, per say, but they are out there.

5. The Foreign Person with the Rich Family

Odds are their dad is some banker overseas or has a mass portfolio in the NASDAQ. Whatever the case, they probably stunt a Canada Goose jacket daily, even when it’s a solid 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. They usually aren’t friendly – but you probably could’ve guessed that.

Despite the types of people you meet at Suffolk, it’s always important to be respectful. So if you think you may have found someone who fits into any of these categories, don’t jump to conclusions. They may not be who they appear to be. But there’s a chance they are exactly what they seem.


Ryan Arel

Suffolk University Journalism Major, Print/Web concentration. I love everything Boston.

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