Suffolk University housing is rather limited. But not all buildings are the same. Across campuses all across the U.S. and even at Suffolk, students see other dorm buildings and get jealous they weren’t put in it. At Suffolk, this is also the case, and there is a certain hierarchy to which dorm is better than the others. The following Suffolk dorm buildings are listed from best to worst.

1. 150 Tremont

150 is your spot. It’s where you thrive as a human. It’s where it’s all at. If you’re lucky enough to get assigned this dorm, get ready to be social. Students in this buildings rally almost daily, and the 10-person suites are where it’s at. There’ll always be a good time in this building, the dining hall is open rather late and the people are very open to pretty much anything. There’s also a huge common room in the basement with a pool table and a printing room near the dining hall, two things you’ll probably use at some point living here.


2. 10 West

10 West is made up of mostly apartments, which makes for huge get-togethers. But tough luck – most of these people are upperclassmen, so if you’re a freshman, get to know some of them or else there probably won’t be an invitation. These rooms are huge and some apartments are even two stories. 150 beats it only by a smidge.


3. Modern Theater

Crammed and lively, Modern Theater has primarily suite style rooms, with a common sink area and bathroom, two people per room, two rooms in a suite. It’s a solid deal if you go to Suffolk, but it’s a lot less roomy, the RA’s are very likely to hear you getting rowdy, and fighting for a bathroom sucks anywhere. Unlike 10 West, the bathrooms are generally smaller and don’t have a tub space, just showers. It’s never AWFUL to be in Modern Theater, but you’d probably rather be in a 10 West apartment or in 150.


4. Miller Hall

If you’re in this, good luck. Miller is probably the most crammed of the four in terms of space, no one talks to each other, and you’re kind of isolated from the rest of the students in Tremont, 10 West and Modern Theater. While those guys are rallying and having a good time, you’ll probably be stuck in your room talking to nobody, watching the others post snaps of disco-lit rooms on their stories all night. If you know what’s good for you, make friends with people in literally any of the other dorms. It’ll be much better.


College dorms can be bad in general, but if you go to Suffolk University, just do everything in your power to get out of Miller Hall or avoid getting put into it in the first place. You’ll probably make friends with people in the other dorms and find a way to get into these places, but traveling back and forth from Miller sucks. If you get 150, good for you. Regardless, try to have friends in every building, because they all have something to offer (except Miller).



Ryan Arel

Suffolk University Journalism Major, Print/Web concentration. I love everything Boston.

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