At Temple University, students are required to participate in the General Education (GenEd) Program. These required classes provide a foundation for learning and skill development for students to succeed academically and professionally. One specific course students must take is Human Behavior. The Human Behavior courses focus on the relationship between individuals and communities in general or may engage those relationships from specific perspectives and themes. One of the many courses offered as a Human Behavior GenEd is Workings of the Mind (Psych 0816).

What Students Learn

The class Workings of the Mind (Psych 0816) is one of the most unique classes a student can take as their Human Behavior GenEd. In this class, the only prerequisite required is to be able to think critically and tolerate perplexity. The main focus of this course is conscious and unconscious mental processes. Class begins with considering the nature of the unconscious mind and examining the evidence for the existence of unconscious processes in memory, problem solving, behavior, and our attitudes, beliefs, and opinions. Then the nature of consciousness from different perspectives, such as psychological and neuroscientific, are studied. 

How Students Benefit

Workings of the Mind (Psych 0816may be the best Human Behavior GenEd course offered because it allows students to grow as individuals. Students are allowed to theoretically explore their minds. Through this course, students challenge their ideas, beliefs, and the overall way they were trained to think. Here, students are not only allowed to learn about the different functions of the conscious and unconscious minds but also themselves. This class does require some work, but it is needed to understand the concepts taught.

The concepts talked about in this class are always interesting and shows light on topics we struggle to comprehend in our everyday lives. This course also provides, even more, information to those studying neuroscience, psychology, or something along that field. Overall, Workings of the Mind (Psych 0816is a great course to take as the Human Behavior GenEd.


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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