Calculus 1 (MATH 1041) is one of the options of Calculus that Temple University has to offer. If you are a STEM major then this is probably the calculus class you will take your first semester. Here are 4 things that you should know before you take it.

1. Studying for hours

Do you like studying for hours? Because you will be. This class will be one of the classes you’re probably going to study for the most. You will get frustrated but will be thankful when you take those quizzes and tests. Every week you’ll probably put around 6-8 hours towards studying for this class. There is no “I’ll just wing it” when it comes to this class, you must study like you’ve never studied before.

2. WebAssign

Meet your new best friend: WebAssign. You’ll have so many of these that you will feel weird the one day you don’t have one due. WebAssign is basically your online math homework who has an exact answer that you must match. It might be pesky but it certainly does help when you take tests and quizzes since the problems are similar.

3. Tutoring

Don’t be afraid to find a tutor or ask for help. They have tutors just for this class and it might help if you cannot figure it out on your own. Do not show up with your homework blank, try it and then go get them to explain it step by step. This class is not easy and you will need help; if you do not want to get tutoring at least go to office hours. Do not fail because you’re scared of asking for help.

4. Tests

One of the most important things to know about this class is that your exams are a huge part of your grade. Classwork/quizzes and homework are in there as well but you only have 2 main exams and the final. The first exam is the material you learn in the first few chapters while the second is the other half. Then your final includes almost everything. It is very important you try your hardest and study for them.

Calculus 1 (MATH 1041) is probably one of the hardest math classes you will take but if you put in the effort and time you’ll be able to ace it. It is okay to be frustrated and upset but in the end, it’s worth knowing you tried your hardest.

Diana Zavala

Biology Student at Temple University

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