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One of the many course Temple University offers is Fundamentals of Neuroscience, NSCI 1051. In this class, students learn the functions of the brain from the level of molecular genetics, to cellular dynamics, the anatomy of the brain, the physiology of the brain, to relations between brain, behavior and cognition, to brain development and aging, to diseases of the brain. The main goal, of course, is to introduce neuroscience and its multidisciplinary levels. Since the brain is the most complex part of bodies, you can imagine that the course is complex as well. Down below are five easy steps to ensure success in this course!

1. Read The Textbook Before Class

Before each class begins, students always know which chapters from the textbook will be spoken about. The professor adds more information about these chapters than the book does. Since the topics that are touched upon are so complex, it’s important to read these assigned chapters before class. Reading the text ahead of time allows students to process the information thoroughly and easier to understand these concepts.

2. Attend Class

Attending these lectures are crucial to succeeding in this class. Even though lecture notes are uploaded online for everyone to access, the professor goes over more information that is important to understand for the class. Also, exams include questions from the required textbook and from class discussions. If you want to do great, just show up to class.

3. Don’t Wait Last Minute To Study

In order to be successful in this class, you must study starting day one.  Studying at least thirty minutes to an hour every day will help to understand what concepts you know well and concepts you may struggle with. Waiting last minute to understand these complicated concepts will get you nowhere.

4. Ask Questions

These lectures are held in a friendly environment, so don’t hesitate to ask the professor a question during class. Clearing up any confusion before exams will save you from a headache. Also, consider making a study group.  Sharing studying tips and notes with peers can benefit you greatly.

5. Take Advantage of Extra Credit

There are multiple neuroscience-based seminars throughout the year. You are able to receive five points for each seminar you attend. The professor also may post blog posts where you have the chance to earn about 3 points for each. These points add up at the end of the semester and can overall help your grade.

For any student interested in the brain at Temple University, Fundamentals of Neuroscience 1051 is a good place to start. This is a rigorous course, but with these five steps, there’s no doubt that you can’t succeed!  


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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