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At Temple University, the last day of Fall classes signifies the beginning of finals. Listed below are some campus resources that students should check out as they finish out the semester:

Quiet Study Locations

During finals, it is important for students to stay focused. Below are some quiet places at Temple for students to study.

1. Anderson Hall: A quiet section of the second floor with tables, couches, and desks to work at.

2. The STAR Complex: The second and third-floor lobbies contain tables and couches.

3. Libraries: All the libraries on campus are generally quiet and contain multiple quiet spaces.

4. Tuttleman: Has a writing center that provides peer review for final papers or projects. The fourth-floor also has a lounge with couches, tables, and computers.

Stress Relief

Finals week can become overwhelming. It’s important to stay relaxed in order to do well on exams. Below are some places students can head to for stress relief on campus.

1. Independence Blue Cross (IBC) gym: Students can get gloves and take out their stress (physically) on a hanging punching bag. The indoor track is helpful for students to run off some steam. Also, students can check out the racquetball courts on the second floor for a study break with some friends.

2. Temple University Fitness (TUF) Gym: The TUF offers a number of machines and weightlifting options for students to keep moving.

3. Student Training and Recreation (STAR) Complex: Here, students can check out the rock climbing wall for a fun way to get some exercise and hang out with the friendly staff.


While studying, it’s important for students to stay fueled so that they don’t burn out. Below are some places where students can get food on campus.

1. Starbucks: Has great coffee, which is located in the Tech and Student Centers.

2. The dining halls: Johnson & Hardwick Hall and Morgan Hall both contain many options for food, such as tacos, burgers, and sandwiches.

3. Cosi at Pearson McGonigle: Cosi is the best option for a light lunch. Here they serve sandwiches & pizzas made with hearth-fired flatbreads, plus salads.

4. The Student Center food courtHere students have many options to eat, such as Chick-fil-A, BurgerFi, and SaladWorks.

5. Jamba Juice at the STAR Complex

6. Any food truck during the weekdays!


In all, finals week can be very stressful. Studying for exams and finishing assignments can be very overwhelming, but it is important for students to take care of themselves. These resources can make finals week feel like a breeze at Temple University.






Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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