1. You drink Cherry Pepsi more than the average human being

Not only is it delicious, but every time I drink Cherry Pepsi, I am saluting TU. Double win! Not kidding though, I have never seen Cherry Pepsi at soda fountains as often as I have seen it here.

2. Saxby’s Coffee. That is all.

When I first came to Temple, I didn’t even understand the craze behind Saxby’s. Do I understand it now? Probably not. Do I understand that it’s delicious? You know it.

3. If you’re single and can’t expect a goodnight text from your bae, you can still count on TU Alert to send you a little something

Even though that little something is typically about a mugging, assault, etc…

4. Even if you didn’t consider it one before, Cherry is a staple color for you

And the color “cherry” isn’t red. It’s a SOPHISTICATED shade of red.

5. $8.35 is the only real food budget you need to have

“Temple has students learning in and outside the classroom”…because once you go here, you’ll get crazy good at doing quick math to find out how much food you can buy for under $8.35 to stay within the meal plan at the food courts.

6. Part of your body shuts down when you see someone on campus wearing another school’s gear

If you’re wearing Penn State gear on Temple’s campus, you are clearly looking to catch some hands

7. Food trucks are everywhere and everywhere is food trucks

If you’re walking around trying to find a class the first week of the semester and see no food trucks, you’ve gone too far.

8. You go through Diamond Dollars as if it’s not even real money

I don’t know about you, but I spend Diamond Dollars like monopoly money.

9. If you see something with owls on it, you instantly feel a little famous

Here’s my thought process when I see something with an owl on it: “That child’s lunchbox has owls on it…I go to Temple University…Our mascot is the owl…Wow…I’m basically on this lunch box right now! That’s it. I’m buying it. It’s school spirit.”

10. You’ve told people you go to Temple University and they told you to “be careful!”

Temple gets a lot more grief than it deserves for the area it’s in. Honestly, it really is a safe campus. Still, since deciding to go here you’ve probably heard “advice” on how to stay safe in North Philly way more than you’ve cared to.

11. But #10 is worth it for you

Because you get to go to Temple University in Philadelphia, and there’s always something cool going on.

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