1. If you’re looking for a show, head to the Bell Tower:

2. Not sure if part of their job is to be nice to me, or not:

I can always depend on you, desk person.

3. Who you really need to be wary of in North Philly:

4. Staying healthy:

I mean at this point it’s basically a salad.

5. When the disappointment is too real:

6. It’s so much harder to spend real money verses Diamond Dollars:

Not even kidding, they had to put up a special sign at the Chipotle on Montgomery Avenue telling people that they don’t accept Diamond Dollars ahead of time because so many people were asking this.

7. Not sure if this is someone’s goal for the night, or just a PSA to everyone:

8. Always make sure you have your priorities in check:

Definitely adding this to my list of ways to procrastinate.

9. “Siri, why does God allow suffering?”

Wait, maybe they’ll take my printing dollars at Chipotle

10. You really wanna know to succeed in college?

11. I see what you did there:

Don’t tell me you didn’t sing it in your head, we both know you’d be lying.


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