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At Temple University, one of the many Arts GenEd classes offered is Dramatic Imagination: The Performing Arts in Society (THTR 0805). In this class, theatre, dance, opera, and student’s imaginations are explored. This course allows students to take advantage of Philadelphia’s local arts community and to deepen their imaginative capacities. Listed below are four ways to succeed and make the best out of this class.

1. Attend Class

Attendance is not checked, but students should attend classes. During classes, students learn valuable and unique information about the performing arts. It’s important to obtain this information for the things that are discussed in lecture are on quizzes!

2. Do The Readings

Besides attending class, the assigned readings are important for students to do. The goal of this class to teach students on how to expand their imaginations and their views. One way to achieve this goal is by reading other people’s ideas. These readings are also tested on, so it’s important for students to stay up to date.

3. Go To The Performances

One of the requirements of this course is to attend a certain number of plays and musicals. These performances are required for students to attend,  but students should attend for the experiences. These performances allow students to explore the arts and broaden their imagination not just for the class.

A fun Arts GenEd offered at Temple University is Dramatic Imagination: The Performing Arts in Society (THTR 0805). Here in this course, students explore the arts and their imaginations. These three tips will allow any students to succeed in this course.



Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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