I’ll just say the magic word. Free. If you are currently attending Temple University, there are lots of benefits. Here are 11 Temple Resources You May Not Have Heard Of!

1. Lynda

People sometimes forget how much knowledge is stored online sometimes, and whether you’d like to become the next big DJ, or learn how to start up your very own small business, Lynda.com will have the learning opportunities for you. All you have to do is sign up through the Temple Portal page!

2. Microsoft office

If only us Temple Students didn’t have to pay for the entire microsoft office bundle… Oh right! They don’t. Right next to Lynda, Microsoft office can be downloaded on any personal computer. Now you can do all the wonderful Stat homework you’ve been just itching to get done. R^2 =

3. Library Databases

Everyone has to do research at one point or another. Why not do it through the most accessible database, provided for you by the Temple T? There is an entire website devoted to the school’s library, and if you still can’t figure it out, talk to one of the many librarians hiding amongst the bookshelves in Paley.

4. E-ZBorrow

Whether you want to read Harry Potter for the twelfth time or need to read the Trial of Socrates, the E-ZBorrow system will allow you to request any book in the Philly General area. Just make sure you check that the “book” you’re getting isn’t actually an audiobook or in a different language.

5. PASS Sessions (And Textbooks?)

Are you struggling with certain classes? Don’t lie. CST and Fox students, I’m looking at you. Try out the PASS sessions, run by the CLASS program. You might vaguely remember being told about it during your orientation. Try it. In addition, if you need a textbook to use temporarily try asking the front desk on the second floor of 1810 Liacouras.

6. Computer Recycling Center

Who doesn’t want a high end computer for a quarter of its price? Although it’s a game of hungry hippos sometimes, you can find some rather extravagant electronics for much less than what they’re worth. Check it out, you may be surprised at what you find.

7. Writing Center

We know the name, but do we know how to use it? The Writing Center is open almost all the time, and is located in 201 Tuttleman. If walking out the door is too much work for you right now, you can also email your paper to them. Now get those fingers typing and get your paper revised!

8. IBC classes

After Zumba I’ll be at Kickboxing, hopefully I won’t be too tired for cycling. If anything I’ll just do some Water Aerobics and call it a night with some yoga. Seriously though, try out a class or two if you haven’t. You may just find your new favourite way to spend weekday nights with friends.

9. Sports complexes

Did you know that not only is there a climbing wall and an indoor track available for use, but a racquetball court for you to let your anger and inner Bruce Lee out? When the winds are too strong, you can go to the Pearson and McGonigle pools to dip your toes in the water and pretend that it’s summer.

10. Tech Center

We all know this is the hub center to reduce procrastination for the paper that is due in two hours. After you’ve printed your masterpiece, remember to take advantage of the resources, whether it’s the automatic staplers or the poster printers. And don’t forget, ask the front desk if you need help!

11. Boyle Practice Rooms

Need a quiet place to prepare your next metallica solo for this years family christmas party? Just go do it on the street, where you’ll make some spare change while you shred. But if that seems like too much, you’re welcome to head over to the Boyle College of Music and Dance and enjoy the practice rooms there, some of which have pianos waiting to be played!

12. OneClass (EXTRA)

OneClass is a great website where you could access notes and study guides from Temple University. There are over 1 million students using it across North America. So next time you are looking for extra study resources, make sure you check out this awesome website!


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