At Temple University there are a plethora of courses dealing with psychology.  One of the courses needed to take to understand main aspects of psychology is Intro to Psychology (PSY 1001). Here are 4 tips to succeed in this course!

1. Attend Lectures

Psy 1001 is a course that is packed with information. It’s important to attend lecture because the professors cover topics that may not be covered or only briefly discussed in the textbook.


2. Please Read The Textbook

In this course, the textbook assigned is the Holy Grail. It’s vital to read the textbook to cover topics that will not be discussed in class but will be on the test. The eBook also has practice quizzes for students to see how well they are doing throughout the course. Also, it’s extremely helpful to read the chapters assigned before lecture starts. It clears up any confusion you may have.


3. Do The PreQs As Soon As Possible

One of the requirements for PSY 1001 is a series of quizzes once a week throughout the semester. These quizzes, called PreQs, are for the student’s benefit.  These quizzes are based on the textbook and allow students to see how well they are grasping the material. These quizzes are usually only 4 points each but do provide a nice boost to grades. If students complete these quizzes as soon as possible, then students are able to see which concepts they’re having trouble on before exams.


4. Study As Much As You Can

Psy 1001 isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are many terms and concepts students must remember to be successful in this course, so studying is very important. Students may actually have to study a little more than usual considering how much information this course has. Practice really does make perfect!

In all, the course Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1001) is a course offered at Temple University that allows students to get into the core of psychology. With a little hard work, anyone can be successful in this class!



Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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