Temple University offers a course named Precalculus (MATH 1022) for students to prepare themselves before entering Calculus 1. Listed below are 4 ways to stay successful in this course!

1. Go To Class

Math is already difficult as it is, we all know this. Skipping these important Precalculus classes will only hinder a student’s skill and grade. Classes are held to teach students a new subject every class. If a student misses class because they just don’t feel like going, they’re going to be behind their peers and will struggle with grasping new information. Attending class will also help students clear up any trouble they may have a certain subject.

2. Ask For Help

Precalculus concepts aren’t the easiest thing to grasp so it’s okay to struggle. It’s also okay to seek help. You’re allowed to ask your professor for help before, during, or after class. It’s also okay to seek a tutor. Temple U offers free tutors, so feel free to talk to one!


3. Do The Homework

In Precalculus (Math 1022) there a few homework problems that are collected online for a grade. There are also a whole bunch of other homework problems that are assigned for you to do, but not collected or checked if you have done them. It’s vital for students to at least do half or all of the homework problems assigned. These homework problems allow students to practice and master their skills. Also, most of the homework problems will make an appearance on quizzes and tests.

4. Study

Some people don’t know how to study for math. The only way to study is to practice. Practice really is key. Do the homework problems and even more problems in the textbook. It’s important for students to grasp all the material they’re learning before the exams come around.


In all, Temple University offers Precalculus (MATH 1022) for students to prepare themselves and strengthen their math skills before heading off to Calculus. These 4 tips will allow any student to stay successful in this course!


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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