At Temple University, one of the Arts GenEd students can take is The Art of Sacred Space (ARTH 0803). This course allows students to explore the Greco-Roman world and how they would communicate with their gods. Here are four tips for students to become successful in this class.

1. Attend Class

Like most classes, attendance is required and taken as a grade. Lectures also tend to have a lot more information than the readings, so it important to keep up with new information given. It’s easy to fall behind in this if students don’t attend.


2. Do The Readings

The readings allow students to get a better understand of the concepts they are learning in class. Sometimes the readings aren’t even discussed during lecture but are still tested on. It’s important for students to stay up to date with their readings to stay successful.


3. Participate

Participation in this class is really important. If the teacher realizes that students are not participating enough, then pop quizzes will happen more frequently. Pop quizzes aren’t fun, so students should try their best to contribute to discussions.


4. Pay Attention To The Vocab

During the Greco-Roman time period, there were different languages used. Some of the non-English words are still used in class to describe certain objects or actions. It’s important for students to study the different words they see and hear during class in order to get a better understand of the words and the concepts.


In all, Temple University offers The Art of Sacred Space (ARTH 0803) as an Arts GenEd to explore the ancient Greco-Roman world. With these four tips, students will be successful!


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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