At Temple University students are required to take a World Society GenEd course, which is a course that covers a particular national culture. One of the courses available to students at Temple is World Society In Literature and Film: Asia (ASST 0868). This course covers the cultural and political aspects of certain parts in Asia through films and literature. Here are four easy tips to become successful in this class.

1. Attend Class

Attendance in this class is required. There are also quizzes the day an assigned reading is due. Missing classes could put a serious hindrance on a student’s grade.


2. Do The Readings

Articles and short stories are big in this class. It’s important for students to keep up with these readings to have a better understanding of the different concepts they will be talking about. Readings are quizzed on, so it’s also important for students to read the articles before class. Also, you should always have a hard copy of the reading. It’s a lot easier to take notes and you may be able to use some of the articles during tests.


3. Watch The Movies

In this class, the assigned movies will not always be shown during class. It’s important for students to access these films either at the library or online because these films are quizzed and tested on. These films also say a lot about cultural and political aspects of Asia, so it’s important for the students to pay close attention and take notes.


4. Discuss

It’s important for students to discuss the readings, films, and their point of view. Discussing as a whole class allows students to clear up any confusion they may have.


In all, Temple University allows students to take World Society In Literature and Film: Asia (ASST 0868) as one their World Society GenEd. This class covers information about the lives in Asia. Students can be successful in this class with these four easy tips!


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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