At Temple University, of the many courses offered to fulfill the Arts GenEd is The Art of Listening (MUST 0802). This course teaches students about the conception of music. Below are five tips for students to be successful in this course.

1. Attend Class

Attending class is big here. In order for students to understand the material, the professors will quiz them on, students must show up to class. Students will not able to be successful in this course if they do not attend lecture because the lecture is where almost all of the information students must know comes from. The professor does not post any notes online, so it’s essential for students to show up.

2. Take Notes

It’s important to take as many notes as you can in this class because any notes presented in class are not posted online. The only way to acquire notes is to attend class and jot things down. Keeping notes is also helpful to study for quizzes and exams.

3. Participate

In order to stay successful in this class, it’s important for students to participate any way they can. The teacher wants to hear back from the students about the new concepts they are learning. Students don’t need to perform anything, but they are required to talk about their opinions on certain concepts.

4. Do The Readings

There are not many readings for this class. The ones that are assigned are very important to understand the foundation of the class. The readings assigned usually talk about different concept and methods used in music. It’s important for students to read these assignments to understand the material and to be able to participate in class.

5. Attend The Shows

A major requirement for this class is to attend shows. Students are expected to attend live concerts in the local area, in-class performances, rehearsals, and music lessons. It’s important for students to attend these shows because attendance is required and students gain so much more than a grade from these shows. These shows allow students to understand the true art of music and expand their knowledge.

In all, Temple University offers the course The Art of Listening (MUST 0802) for students to fulfill their Arts GenEd and for students to expand their knowledge and views about music. With these five students any student can be successful in this class.


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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