At Temple University, one of the many Arts GenEd is The Art of Acting (THTR 0825). Whether you have some or no experience in theater, this course opens new doors and provides a firm understanding of the actor’s craft.

1. Attend Class

Attendance is very important in this class. For every class, the professor presents new concepts to the students. There’s no other way for students to gain these concepts unless they attend class. There’s no formal powerpoints or online information for students to learn off of. Student actively learns in this class, so it’s important for students to attend.


2. Participate

Participation is a huge part of a student’s grade in this class. This class does not surround only not taking, it revolves around being in the moment and being active. Students don’t need to want to be actors to take this course, but they asked to somewhat act. It’s important for students to put in effort in this class in order to stay successful.


3. Take Notes

This class relies heavily on being on your feet, but sometimes you may need to sit out and take notes. In order to grasp some of the acting concepts, students may need to take time outside of class to review them. In order to remember the concepts learned, students need to jot them down. There’s no formal list if concepts the professor gives, so it’s okay for students to bring a pen and notebook to class.


4. Do The Readings

There’s not a lot of reading in this class, but it’s important to read the ones assigned. The readings assigned add more information for students to understand. If students are trouble with understanding a certain acting skill, these readings usually clear up any confusion. These readings are for students to gain more knowledge and to open up their minds to different ideas.


5. Put Effort Into Assignments

There’s not a lot of assignment in this class, besides participating. Online there may be a discussion post or a quick quiz the professor may ask the students to do. The reason why the professor does this is to just check that everyone is on the right page. Online assignments are a small percentage of the student’s grade, but it still is an important percentage.


In all, Temple University offers The Art of Acting (THTR 0825) as an Arts GenEd. Here, students are able to explore the world of acting without trying to actually become an actor if they don’t want to. With these five easy tips, any student can be successful in this class.


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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