At Temple University, one of the courses offered to fulfill the Human Behavior GenEd is Eating Cultures (SPAN 0837). This course allows students to see how different cultures around the world use food and what that says about them. Through literature, media, cookbooks, advertisements, and food-based art, students are able to examine the different relationships food has with people all over the globe.  Here are five easy tips for students to stay successful in this class.

1. Attend Class

In order to stay successful in this class, you must attend the lecture. The readings and the class information does not always correlate, so it’s important to stay up to date with both. There are pop quizzes on information giving during class and the tests rely heavily on class information. Attending class will allow students to stay up to date with the information they need to know later on.


2. Do The Readings Before Class

Half of the pop quizzes and the tests rely on the information given on assigned readings. It’s important to know the concepts presented in assigned readings in order to stay successful in this class. Reading beforehand will always clear up any confusion you may have with certain concepts.


3. Take Notes

Taking notes is very important in this class. During every class, the professor always talks about different cultures and their different foods. It’s important for students so remember which cultures go with which foods. Also, the professor does not upload any Powerpoint they may use doing class. It’s better to write all the information you receive than to rely on memory.


4. Research

To really stay interested in the concepts given through class and readings, students should do more research on different cultures to expand their knowledge. Students look deeper into the information they receive about the different cultures and foods all around the world. Keeping an open mind and staying interested in the subject is key for this class.


5. Study

Students may not think so at first, but studying is very important in this class. Quizzes and tests contain very specific questions. Students need to study to retain all the information they receive. Quizzes and tests are a large portion of a students grade, so it’s important that they are on task and understand the information as much as possible.


In all, Temple University offers the course Eating Cultures (SPAN 0837) to fulfill the Human Behavior GenEd. In this class, students learn the importance of food all over the world. With these five easy tips, any student can succeed in this course.


Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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