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10 Hardest Courses at Texas A&M University

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Jennie Bachman

Texas A&M University is a public research university in College Station, Texas, United States. The institution prides itself in offering more than 125 undergraduate degree programs, 200 master's degree programs, 100 doctoral degree programs, and 5 first professional degrees. Of all the courses offered at the institution, below are some of the hardest.

1. BIOL 451 - Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics represented through strand of DNA becoming computer language

This biology course discusses the entire field of bioinformatics. Students will learn very technical and challenging concepts. They will also have to spend time in the lab performing equally challenging practicals. This course is recommended for biology majors.

2. CHEM 466 - Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry? picture of polymers

This is an advanced course in chemistry discusses concepts related to polymer chemistry. Students find this course hard because of the technical topics involved. Throughout the course, students will learn technical concepts that are very difficult to comprehend.

3. ASTR 403 - Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

Picture of galaxy

Students in this course will discuss the physical makeup of individual galaxies and large scale structures in the universe. The course will include very engaging practicals where students will observe and experiment with some heavenly bodies such as meteorites.

4. AERO 420 - Aeroelasticity

picture of a plane

This course in aerospace engineering focuses on the classical analysis of fundamental aeroelastic phenomena with application to aerospace vehicles. Students will throughout the course study very complex and technical concepts. They will also be exposed to a series of very time-demanding practical sessions.

5. PHYS 414 - Quantum Mechanics II

Quantum Mechanics molecule

This course in physics discusses very complex and advanced topics related to quantum mechanics and its application to atomic, solid state, nuclear or high energy physics. Students will have to allocate more study hours in order to grasp the very technical concepts discussed in the course and excel in the exams.

6. MATH 433 - Applied Algebra

example of equations in algebra

Math is never considered easy by many students. This advanced course discusses very advanced and complex concepts in math. Students will have to implement very complex formulas and mathematical theories that they will learn to solve mathematical problems.

7. MEEN 430 - Nanomaterials

Picture of Nanomaterials

This is a course in mechanical engineering that discusses the fundamentals of nanotechnology, including nanomaterials, types of nanomaterials, fabrication, characterization methods, and applications. The course is considered hard because of the technicality and depth of the topics. Students will spend long lecture hours just to cover the topics involved.

8. ECEN 419 - Genomic Signal Processing

Genomic Signal Processing

This electrical and computer engineering course focuses on very complex and technical concepts related to genetics and the application of engineering principles to systems biology. Students will be introduced to very technical terminologies and concepts throughout the course.

9. CSCE 440 - Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Algorithms visualized through graph

This advanced course in computer science and engineering involves discussions about the design and analysis of quantum algorithms. Students will learn very technical and complex concepts. The course also involves a series of mathematical calculations that may be challenging to most students.

10. STAT 438 - Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian Statistics? slide cover

This statistics course is considered complex by students because it discusses very advanced statistical methods and theories. Topics discussed in the course include the Analysis of scalar and vector-valued parameters, Bayesian linear models, Monte Carlo computational method, and prior elicitation.


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