Math 141 at A&M has had mixed reviews depending on who you ask. You’re either going into the class terrified or not concerned at all. Many people say that you shouldn’t take Math 141 if you haven’t taken Calculus before, but  you CAN and WILL succeed in this class even if you haven’t taken Calculus. Here are a few things to expect in the class:

1. The Tests Are Important! Study!

The hardest aspect of this class is by far the tests. The tests aren’t too difficult but there are only 20 questions, so each question is worth a lot of points and tests are the main portion of your grade. Although some teachers give quizzes to help boost your grade, most don’t, so you must rely on homework grades to bring up your grades.

2. The Homework Is Challenging

The Math 141 teachers use Web Assign and do not actually write the homework questions. It is frustrating at first, but the hardest homework is at the beginning of the class and it gets easier.

3. The Classes are Big

Math 141 is a math class that many freshman are required to take, so an average class has around 300 students in it. It is not the class totake if you want a one-on-one experience with the professor and your classmates.

4. There’s a lot of Statistics

I took Statistics and high school and kicked myself for taking Stats instead of Calculus after I heard that this class is Calculus heavy, but I’m glad I took Stats now. About half of the lessons taught were based on things I had already learned in Stats!

Overall, if you just want to take a math class, Math 141 is the way to go. There are no prerequisites to the class and the lessons are taught as though you don’t know anything about Statistics or Calculus.


Natalie Teran

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