Aren’t you tired of just sitting in your room and going to class? We are college students, we are supposed to be out and discovering new places, people and cultures. While sitting in your dorm room may be a new experience, it is important to keep in mind that you’re going to be looking at those four walls for at least the next eight months. So, when you only have maybe two hours between classes, don’t rule out the possibility of exploring some new places, even if you are one of the many who lack a car and the ability to get off campus.

The Student Lounge in the AIMM Building

Here, students can enjoy a slightly less populated area to themselves to do work or just hang out. It is equipped with a microwave, a sink, and a refrigerator as well as a vending machine for small snacks. One of the walls is painted with chalkboard paint, allowing students to leave their marks for others to discover. There is a small bookshelf with an array of books that are available for borrow, and the view outside is gorgeous through the floor to ceiling windows.

The Basement of the Music Building

My favorite time to be down here is when it is desolate and no one is around. The lights are dim, making it ominus as the only source of light comes from those illuminating on the two vending machines. This place may not be the best for those looking for a quiet place, but for those who don’t mind, there is often a few kids practicing their instruments in the classrooms nearby, allowing for a faint background music.

Study Areas in the Student Center

For those who prefer being with people, but still have work to do, you may enjoy working on the second floor of the student center. Here, there are tables for small study groups to work on their projects together in a more casual setting. There are also a number of dry erase boards provided, allowing there to be group brainstorming.

The Atrium in Social Sciences

This place is good for a rainy day. You can sit inside among plant life and just relax. The glass ceiling allows for the occupants to gaze up at the sky, giving a totally new perspective when it comes to the rain. This place is just pleasant to be in and welcomes everybody.

Science Complex Fountain

This place is bustling with the science kids coming in and out, so there is some foot traffic. Just sitting and watching the fountain is a vacation in its own. It almost takes you away from a college campus if you will let it. The best part about hanging out here is when you find a shady spot, you can just lie down and close your eyes to let the sound of rushing waters take you away.

Behind the Football Bleachers

This little spot between the back of the bleachers and the parking garage is a quaint little spot where it is almost always shady. It isn’t bad for those who want to be outside but don’t want to be in the sun. This spot is really pretty at night, when you can see the buildings in the distance illuminated by the people inside. It’s a place for romantics.

Roof Deck at the AIMM Building

This has become my favorite place to be. The deck only has two ways in and out, and they’re out of the way so many people don’t know how to get to the deck. This allows for some isolation for those who want less company, because people have a hard time finding it. At night, there’s nothing as calming as laying on the deck and staring up, watching as more and more stars become visible.

Samantha Leigh

Studying at TCNJ as an art student of the class of 2021.

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