Best Study Spots at TCNJ

Whether it be an ordinary day or midterm season, one of the hardest things in college, is finding a peaceful place to study and do work! Finding a good study spot is just as important as the actual content you are studying! Here I have a handy guide for some of the best study spots on TCNJ’s campus!

First things first- during exam times, the lib is NOT the place to be! On a regular school day the library is a safe bet and even better during weekends. However, during exam season, everyone flocks to the library and finding a good spot is nearly impossible! (Trust me, it is unbelievably crowded.) That being said, you’ll need some other options in case you run into this problem! But, the library, typically, is a great place to go do work and the 4th floor is known as the “quiet floor.”

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One thing many people don’t consider, is studying where you live! No, I don’t mean your dorm room, rather, one of the lounges in your dormitory. All of the dorms have lounges for your use. Unlike the library, though, some people hang out socially in these lounges and they are sometimes booked for programs. For some, this may not make them the most productive for working, but others love utilizing them! (Pictured below is New Residence Hall Lounge)

Image result for pocket lounges tcnj

The student center now houses a lot more table tops and different furniture that you can utilize for your study sessions and work! Upstairs is the best, though. There are rolling white boards available for your use by the lounge area and furniture that is set up, upstairs. These are perfect for study sessions and group projects as well as to spruce up on some of your math or science work, where you have to show lots of work. They can also be used as a partition if you want some privacy while completing your work.

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The social science atrium is another great place to study with a beautiful view. This work space has lots of plants and trees which give it a nature-y feel. Some days are exceptionally sunny in there, though, as it contains a glass roof. I really like it because it is gorgeous, especially on warm weathered days and makes you feel as if you were sitting outside.

Image result for social science atrium tcnj

The School of Education building also has multiple great places to study. You can find seating at the entrance of the building, at the cafe, and there is an additional work area located on the third floor.

Image result for school of ed cafe tcnj

Some other hidden gems on campus that usually are vacant and great spots to work are in Trenton Hall, Roscoe West and even in the schools them self. (Social science, Science Complex, Ed building, Forcina, etc) During the day, most classrooms remain unlocked and if there is no class taking place, the room is free for your use.

Image result for social science classroom tcnj

Hope these spots can be helpful during Midterm season and finals!

Good luck and happy testing!


Liz Michelle

I'm a graduate student at The College of New Jersey. I am an Urban Elementary Education major and am in a 5 year program where I will earn my Master's and ESL Certification.

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