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When you become an upperclassmen at TCNJ, there is a lot to consider if you live on campus. Follow this guide to make sure you think about these important considerations and use the resources provided as well.

What meal plan is best for me?Image result for tcnj dining hall

As a Junior, you can finally switch from those annoying Eick swipes to points! That means not needing to worry about spending those couple hundred points you had on your swipe plan. But don’t become too swipe happy! Now that your plan is laid out differently, it can become very easy to run out your points very quickly. Remember $1 = 1 point and things on campus, especially at the CStore, tend to be a bit pricey so just make sure to account for this.

Here is the link that shows you your meal plan options on campus:


Who will I live with? / Where will I live?

As an upperclassmen, you have the option of choosing your roommates. Some do this freshmen year, but most get randomly assigned with the freshmen matches so this is something that is very excited sophomore year and beyond. When you receive your time slot from housing to pick where you will live for the following school year, the friend with the earliest time slot usually pulls in everyone else.

Some tips of living on campus as an upperclassmen are the following:

1. Weigh all the pros and cons of who you are picking to live with.

Some of your friends may be darling, but living with someone can prove challenging and can be the complete opposite of what you might have imagined. Think this through. Are you a neat freak and your friend a mess? Are you an early bird and your friend a night owl? All of these considerations can affect your living situation, so choose your roommate wisely.

Image result for messy vs neat friend

2. Have back up choice 

Both for roommates and for where you want to live. Spaces fill up quickly, especially Senior apartments, townhouses and campus town! Do not become set on one particular place because once your housing application goes live and you need to pick where to live, you must act quickly. If the place you wanted to live fills up, you should have a back up to fall onto.

Here is a link to the options of dormitories on campus:  https://housing.tcnj.edu/residential-facilities/

Another very, very important thing to think about that many students do not even know when dorming at TCNJ, is that you are NOT GUARANTEED HOUSING AS AN UPPERCLASSMEN. When you become a junior, housing selects who will live on campus through a randomized lottery system.Image result for fingers crossed

You need to decide whether or not you will take the chance, or decide to live off campus with friends!

Do I want my car on campus?

Image result for happy in a car

Being able to bring your car onto campus is probably one of the most glorious feelings moving up at college. More freedom, more possibilities! But wait right there, did you think about how much it might cost you? As we know, nothing about college is free, so check out this link to access semester and yearly parking pass costs:


Hope this has been helpful ~


Liz Michelle

I'm a graduate student at The College of New Jersey. I am an Urban Elementary Education major and am in a 5 year program where I will earn my Master's and ESL Certification.

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