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For many education students, their RAL/ELE practicum experience is their first in the classroom. This is an exciting time for future educators and here is a brief synopsis of what to expect during your time in the field. The RAL221 and ELE201 courses must be taken together and are co-requisites. Both courses have classes which are mixed with both early childhood an elementary education majors.

ELE 201: Child and Adolescent Development

This course is created to teach students about different research developments that have taken place on child development. This information ranges from a child’s development from before birth into their adolescent years. The information provided focuses on the whole child and the goal is to have students have a deeper understanding of how students learn and grow in varying environments and context.

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RAL 221: Literacy Strategies Assessment and Instruction

Throughout this course, students learn about what comprises a balanced literacy approach. Through readings and different assignments in class, students will gain familiarity with different instructional strategies to teaching literacy, how to determine a student’s reading level as well as other components of literacy instruction. Students will begin to create lessons using these strategies.

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For this practicum experience, students will all be placed in one school. Professors begin to organize carpooling, as well as different assignments that students will conduct in the classroom, for example, read-alouds. After roughly two to three weeks of having class twice a week, students will begin at their designated schools and will have one class on campus, while being at the school once a week.


Liz Michelle

I'm a graduate student at The College of New Jersey. I am an Urban Elementary Education major and am in a 5 year program where I will earn my Master's and ESL Certification.

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