Whether you are a transfer or a freshmen, or a commuter or student dorming at The College of New Jersey, there are a handful of things you will learn that will become a new norm for you. Read this guide below to learn about some things you will quickly learn (if you already did not know) at The College of New Jersey. ENJOY!

1. Dave Muha will be your best friend!

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You may not even know it, but this man right here soon will be your best friend and your favorite person to get emails from. Dave Muha is TCNJ‘s associate Vice President of Communications and is the person in charge of delivering the news to students of school and class cancellations due to inclement weather! Students created shirts (pictured behind Mr. Muha) to demonstrate their love and admiration for both him and his emails!

2. Don’t forget your water in that mac n cheese!

Image result for microwave mac n cheese no water

If you are a residents, or have ever been a resident of Travers-Wolfe or any other freshmen building, you are not stranger to this! There will be CONSTANT fire drills due to people forgetting to add water to their mac and cheese. With anything you cook, read the directions or you are risking being THAT person that everyone hates for setting off the fire alarm at 3 am because of some mac and cheese!

3. Don’t waste your tickets!

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It didn’t take long for some to remedy their frustration of wasted tickets! Instead of letting spring concert of CUB show tickets to go to waste, someone created a Facebook page, entitled, DON’T WASTE YOUR TICKETS – TCNJ, to sell tickets that would otherwise have been wasted and would have resulted in money lost. However, it is suggested that you still try to get your own tickets on the first day of sales because 1. tickets normally sell out quickly, 2. people tend to buy extra tickets to sell on this site (and they tend to be way overpriced.)

4. Don’t even try to hit the lib during midterm or finals!

Image result for meal equiv tcnj

After your first year, even first semester, at TCNJ, you quickly learn how crazy the library gets both during midterms and finals. It is nearly impossible to find a spot to study or complete final exams but if you do luck out, the odds of it being a quiet area in which you can be productive are slim. Instead, try pocket lounges of dormitories and empty classrooms instead. You are sure to be better off there than in a library that is filled to capacity.

5. Don’t expect to be in and out during meal equiv!

Image result for meal equiv tcnj

Meal equiv, which occurs every day from 11 – 130, is always chaotic. Afterall, what college students wouldn’t want to take up on free lunch? Never expect to be in and out during meal equiv time, unless you arrive around 1045 and try to beat the line, or wait until the tail end of meal equiv.

6. Don’t think you’ll ever see a day with no construction – TCNJ is actually The College of Construction.

Image result for tcnj construction

The College of New Jersey is constantly under construction, hence the joke that came about that instead of The College of New Jersey, the school is The College of Construction! Students even came together to create shirts which showcased the new name and a picture of a crane working on a new project – which is what seems to be the case on the campus. Pictured above is the last big project the college undertook – destroying the bridge that connected the Physics and Math and Bio building, where the new STEM building now lies.

In attending The College of New Jersey, there will be a lot of new things that will come about and come to light that will become of the culture of your new life as a TCNJ Lion. Here are a couple of things that you will learn ~ if you have not already done so~.

Liz Michelle

I'm a graduate student at The College of New Jersey. I am an Urban Elementary Education major and am in a 5 year program where I will earn my Master's and ESL Certification.

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