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Sometimes college is hard. From trying to do well in your major, graduating on time, and still balancing a social life, you need a break once in a while. These courses are a great breath of fresh air for the most stressful times in your college career, (they are also a great addition to be able to get rid of some Core Curriculum Requirements).

COSC 109 – Computers and Creativity: Satisfies Core 4

This class asses the usage of multiple apps on a computer. It teaches you to use applications such as Photoshop, Adobe Animate, and Microsoft Expression, and also walks you through the process of creating a website. The lectures touch on the parts of the computer and the technology behind the applications you use. This sounds like a lot of information to handle at one time, but is a very enjoyable class where you are able to use many applications you may not use every day. The class is interactive, and you receive a step by step prompt on how to complete every lab. It’s a lot of fun to see your final product, and you get to come in touch with your creative side!

HLTH 101– Wellness for a Diverse Society: Satisfies Core 11

This class reflects your average health class you have been enrolled in all your life. Since so much of the material is review, it is very easy to stay focused and on top of the discussions in class. The assignments given are very easy and do not take up much of your time. There are many opportunities for group work, and tons of videos and visual material. The hardest part of the class is daily logging your water intake and steps, but with the Health app on your phone it is easy to keep track of these things without having to write them down every day. Almost all the professors who teach this class are really easy-going and lax, therefore this is the perfect class to squeeze into an intense schedule.

GERO 101– Introduction to Gerontology: Satisfies Core 6

This course is all about the study of, you guessed it… old people! This class goes hand in hand with students wanting to go into the long-term care track. This class will also cover the social, political, and psychological view and care of the elderly through discussion and projects. Many sections are also offered online and are plentiful which makes it very easy to enroll in. The professors offer tons of feedback for each topic and are very open to students opinions on what is discussed in class.

HLTH 220– Sexuality in a Diverse Society: Satisfies Core 13

This class is all about sex and gender in today’s world. Most of the class includes topics that can be identified as common-sense material, and touches on some basic health topics. This includes but is not limited to birth control and drugs and alcohol. To get the bridge from research to real life you will watch a TON of movies and periodically participate in discussion board questions on a variety of topics. Many sections for this course are hybrid or online. This requires you to only have to be in class a few times each month or from the comfort of your own home. Group discussion is key in this course so there is a lot of sharing and real-life association. This factor also makes the course more interesting to attend.

KNES 235 – Physical Wellness for a Healthy America: Satisfies Core 11

This course is also similar to a health course but has a central focus on the muscles and the pros and tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through working out. You learn a lot from the class, by taking notes on different muscles and learning different exercises and stretches to work those specific areas. This class also offers a gym time for one of the classes. If you have it 3 days a week it will be on Fridays, and twice a week either Wednesday or Thursday. This is a great addition to experience what you are learning in class. It can also serve as a basis for a future lifestyle change after the class is ended. The professors who teach this course are flexible with students and love to teach their students what they know.

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SPED 301 – Intro to Special Education: Elective

This course focuses on Special Education in schools and the environment we live in now and in the past. By being able to compare policies and technology you can receive an education on the new material that has changed for Special Education students. The course includes lots of videos and real-life testimonies from families and students affected. The notes and activities are almost always group work, and the test use a lot of common sense concepts. All around an interesting course to be enrolled in and learn about.

WMST 231 – Women in Perspective: Satisfies Core 13

This course discusses the ideas of feminism and how you relate to one of the ideas in your own life. This course is very discussion based as you are trying to find yourself. Some sections even have a whole day dedicated to discussions. Your participation is key in this class, and a great way to understand the material. There isn’t much homework but a few short current events here and there. This is a great class to take to help broaden your views and be more familiar with the world that is changing around you.

THEA 101 – Acting 1: Satisfies Core 4

While this course may sound intimidating, it is a great way to learn how to come out of your shell! Tons of in class performances and icebreakers are included in this course, and not as paper oriented as some other classes at Towson. Yoga is almost always done during the course to keep you flexible and ready for your performance. Group work is also a necessity in this course and creativity is always welcome. This is a great class to take to get out of your seat and on your feet without vigorous physical activity!

SCED 304 – Education, Ethics, and Change: Satisfies Core 14

Ethics may sound like a lot to take on for people, but this is a great way to be introduced to future ethics courses. Like many of the classes on this list, it is very discussion based, (some sections have said they don’t even have tests). Group work runs this course, and it requires you to analyze different ethical situations and explain them. Periodically you may have to bring a current event article to class discussing ethics, but this will only spark discussion for the course. This is a perfect class to introduce you to all the ethics courses Towson has to offer!

EDUC 202– Perspectives on America’s Urban Schools: Satisfies Core 10

This course takes a look at schools in inner city areas and how they are similar and different to other types of schools. A big focus in this course is big businesses and how they affect construction and development of schools in the area. Documentaries and live videos are always viewed in this course, and discussions are plentiful. Small group discussions are used for more personal learning and understanding. Though there are projects in this course, they involve watching movies and analyzing them. All around this course is really great to learn something new and hear other people’s experiences with this subject.

After reading this article, hopefully  at least one of these courses will appeal to you. Though they may not be as challenging as some other courses you are enrolled in, they will still provide the learning that you need to become more aware of the changing world around you.





Meredith Ellis

Hi everyone! I am a sophomore at Towson University studying Health Care Management. You can read my articles as a look into Towson University, enjoy!

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