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For all Business students at Towson University, LEGL 225 is a must. Many other majors are also required to take this class. Majors like Health Care Management, Law, and Business Admin all need this class to be able to graduate. The concepts are so interesting that you’ll at least find one that you will enjoy diving into.

1.) Legal Basics

This concept is the first topic you will learn while enrolling in the course. This includes anything and everything about the law. From how courts are set up, to the Articles that control the law, anything you’ve ever wanted to know about the basics of law are included within this chapter. This is a great introduction to the course and really shows you the kind of material you are going to be learning throughout the year. With some prior knowledge about American History, you’ll be able to make some great connections to the topics.

2.) Civil and Criminal Law

This concept focuses on the most important structures of the course: civil and criminal law. Since business law is directly related to civil law you get important information on how the cases work, and the structure of each court. Civil law is usually new information for students because it is barely dramatized, unlike criminal law. Learning about civil cases is really interesting, and having the prior knowledge of the basics of criminal law is really helpful in this course.

3.) Ethics

Ethics may be the most important topic you learn in LEGL 225. It is a topic that we see in our everyday lives, in multiple situations. Business ethics is very important to be aware of, especially if you are going into a field where you can become the head of a team. Everything you think you know about ethics is questioned in this section. Should your actions benefit you or your business? Each hypothetical is different and there is a lot of discussion in this section of the course.

4.) Intentional Torts & Negligence

Torts are a concept that most students are not familiar with unless they know a little about the course. This is a great segway into the formal side of business law. Torts and negligence is the root of most civil law cases, and explains why many cases arise. Learning the rules and regulations of these topics help you decide cases easily. You can also compare the information you learn to current cases happening now, and become more comfortable with your knowledge on these events.

5.) Contracts

Contracts is one of the last concepts you will learn about in this course. Being a business major, in your future employment contracts will be in use more than you think. The information you thought you knew about making deals with people will completely change. After this concept you will find yourself thinking about how you word conversations often. Every letter matters, and you will learn that the way you say statements will make a huge impact.

The Legal Environment of Business is a vital class for students entering the business field. Everything you thought you knew about the law will change, and you will be so much more comfortable in your knowledge in the laws of our country. After LEGL 225, you’ll feel like a successful business leader, with experience under your belt. The best part of this course? It’s a class you’ll actually WANT to attend.


Meredith Ellis

Hi everyone! I am a sophomore at Towson University studying Health Care Management. You can read my articles as a look into Towson University, enjoy!

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